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  1. Hi Alepesa94, Could you please share the model, We will be happy to help you. Regards Sourav
  2. Hello ViV, Sorry for the late response was out of office. Answer 1. you cannot see the air related results in mold. 2. If you see the temperature of the mold, you should be able to identify the hot and cold spots. Regards, Sourav
  3. Hi Uri, Yes , this is not a solver error. More information can be gathered from solver log (PoesisCasting.log) and error log (PoesisSolverError.log). Error: Element 3127600 has non-positive size -6.30718e-12 Linear-Solver-Factory: Constructing a regular (non-complex) linear-solver Linear-Solver-Factory: Constructing a regular (non-complex) linear-solver NodeToNodeMapperUtility: WARNING!! : Part and Mold meshes are NO-conforming, Advanced Mapper will be used Seeting the time step limits for the thermal problem *** ** Estimated min_dt for thermal shocks is 2.318450e+00 *** ** Estimated Chorinov's solidification time is 3.057709e+00 *** ** min_dt automatically set to 3.057709e-02 *** ** max_dt automatically set to 5.000000e+01 Error: Element 3127600 has non-positive size -6.30718e-12 There is a mesh issue, the element 3127600 is wrong (please see the very first lines of the error) in , it does not even have same number of faces between part and mold. If you open the GDA in simlab you can check for quality and see exactly where it is failing. We are still working on it, I shall keep update with you.
  4. No Problem Paul, lets us know if you face any problem in future will be happy to help you.
  5. Hi Paulo, I dont think so that's the problem your space in your system is more than sufficient to run this model. When something comes like this next time, just restart the software and reassign the boundary conditions for your model.
  6. Hi Uri, I am sorry I understand the situation I shall raise this issue now to the director. Thanks for your patience.
  7. Hi Paulo, I was able to do the simulation in 2019.3, I guess this is the Alavanca Stilo file_13 ( regarding HPDC ),( Kindly correct me if I am wrong) I am sharing the file with you Alavanca Stilo_13.icast Desculpe pela resposta tardia, pois estou em viagem. Alavanca_Stilo_13.icast
  8. Hi Uri, I am still working with the team no response yet.
  9. Yes Uri, My team is working on the issue I have informed them and ticket is raised for the following concern.
  10. Hi Folks, I am very excited to share with you this self written eBook “Learn Casting and Solidification with Altair Inspire Cast” this book aims to focus on fundamental to advanced approaches into the exciting and challenging world of Casting Simulation using Altair’s Inspire Cast. The main objective of writing this book is to provide professional engineers, foundrymen and researchers with a practice resource on the design and analysis of casting simulation, with recent high utilization of casting structures in – automotive, aerospace, marine structures, etc. This eBook is aimed at helping those engineers, foundrymen, and researchers to help gain knowledge in a short period of time and focus on obtaining a practical understanding of the software, basic knowledge of casting techniques and simulations as opposed to real-life experimentation. Link : https://lnkd.in/ey5axCf
  11. Hi Paulo, That's great good luck , if you have any further issues kindly let us know we will be happy to help you.
  12. Hi Uri, Thanks for showing us this , I have raised the ticket I will get back to you very soon.
  13. Hi Uri, We cant avoid this,its general feature basically its for inspire structure and motion, and our product also shares the same platform it makes hide and show option in inspire cast.
  14. Hi Paulo, 1. We can't control on the meshing. 2. If the parts are duplicate or overlapped, then this kind of error will come, and also check for the parts connectivity please share that model. 3. Yes the appropriate phase change would be here but this will not affects the calculation 4. Yes It is possible cooler system can increase the calculation time. you are getting the error because of meshing
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