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  1. Hi Agustin, It is bug, should not show self intersection warning & should not crash also...will create ticket for this. Regards Sourav
  2. How much time required to complete one analysis because I am waiting from 3 hours but analysis is still in process.
  3. Hi Agustin, I would suggest you to use maximum for better performance Regards Sourav
  4. Hi Agustin , You can go with 12 core Processor , you system configuration is sufficient to have a full performance on the software. Inspire uses maximum available cores from the machine,if it is in the default settings. Regards, Sourav
  5. Hi Makko, For bearing load we did not have it from start.You mean to apply load on an angle? if you need in angle, its fixed 180* bearing angle. We cannot change it.
  6. Hi SamT, No,for instances we dont have any option now..its in plan may come in next release. Regards Sourav
  7. Yes ..it is possible..it works for simple models..we have not official released this workflow though. Regards, Sourav
  8. Hi Uri, This is sufficient for the run.
  9. Hi Brendan, If you use standalone licence , there is no limit for being offline, for me to complete 85% of filling it takes around 4 hours for constant liquid level. The reason I could think as of now would be the loss of network connection or your system goes to sleep mode.
  10. Hi Uri, Yes the calculation time is too long, if the machine is of low configuration or if parallel processing are running it takes time.
  11. Please share the file or email me if its confidential. Regards Sourav
  12. Hi Uri, perfect , let me know if you need any further help. We will be happy to help you.
  13. Hi Uri, Thank for the answer, getting back to our previous conversation I would recommend you to increase the RAM , although running with 20 million elements is not that worth. Anyways is it possible for you to share the file? I can have a look at it. Thanks
  14. Hey Uri, Actually in installer we config .xml file, and there we need to increase the thrush hold value , C:\Program Files\Altair\2019.4.2456\InspireCast2019.4.2456Dev\hwx\plugins\freedom\profiles\c2c\config\solverConfig.xml, (you can change the setting in this file) <param txt="Max num of elements allowed for run" dv="20" id="max_allowed_num_elem_run"/> change the 20 value to your requirements. I have a question for you Uri: How did you calculate the RAM ? Thanks
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