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  1. Hi Skr, It seems your License is expired, free usage is over , you can re-register again and can use it. Thanks SD
  2. Hi Jose Compara, Could you please share image of an error ( what kind of error are you getting). Thanks Sourav
  3. Hi Alpha, You cannot import .fem, you need to start from .iform. Thanks Sourav
  4. Sourav Das

    CREO 6

    Hi Yosef123, you can use .prt to import CREO files into Inspire
  5. Hi Itay, Could you please let me know which version are you using and if its possible for you to share the model with me.
  6. Hi Simonebellini, you can email me at sourav.das@altair.com Regards Sourav
  7. Hi Torben94, Its not yet implemented, but its in plan we will support in future. Regards, Sourav
  8. Hi ViV, May be by next week hopefully. Regards,
  9. ViV, One more thing ,As per implementation, we can define element size for cast part, for other parts, it calculate element size automatically or with ratio that is defined in mesh component matter since here we do auto meshing.
  10. Hi ViV, For meshing shot sleeve, element size will be in some ratio with cast part elements. See it is defined 3mm element size in run dialog, then internally it calculate the element size for shot sleeve, it wont mesh with 3mm for shot sleeve.
  11. Hello mohajerb, Wire arc plasma is commonly called as wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). We have new software which is Inspire Print3D, Though Inspire Print3D can’t simulate the process, it can design the parts to be printed with WAAM. We have a good experience working with WAAM and developed working prototype for large robotic arm. Check below video from MX3D-Altair- ABB for 3D printed robotic arm with WAAM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNw5bg0627c visit MX3D webpage - https://mx3d.com/
  12. Hi brianoj0817, You can create graph using .csv file, manual creation of 3D bar is still not supported. Moreover, I am checking this file and will get back to you soon. Regards,
  13. Hi ViV, Oh! that's great, Can you tell me little details about the part, I can get back to you with the correct element size for the part, might be little helpful. Regards,
  14. Hi ViV, I would suggest if you could reduce the element size and try, I hope velocity will not be a problem. ( try reducing the element size, check and let me know if you still get a strange wave). Regards,
  15. Hi ViV, Could you please let me know the velocity range and which version are you using ?
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