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  1. Hi Uri, 1. As your machine need to configure with the VPN,and number of runs depends upon license unit, if you have 30 units, it support for only one run, for the other run it will give license error. 2. Yes you can run parallel locally. Regards, Sourav
  2. Hi Uri, Double click on the arrow. Regards Sourav
  3. Hi Junta, Can you please share the file with us. Regards, Sourav
  4. Hi Uri, Make sure that you have connected to VPN, if it is disconnected, you will get the error , but in local sequential error, the second run starts only after the first run finish, we checked this from our side, it is working fine. Moreover you can also delete the (.altair file) and restart the run. Regards Sourav
  5. Hi Amy, Can you please let us know which version of Inspire Extrude are you using? Regards, Sourav
  6. Hi Uri, We did some study,it uses max core as it is available in the machine, but it default we set it for 4 cores, performance will increases up to 6 cores, and I guess beyond it remain same. Regards Sourav
  7. Hi Mork, Please email the files to sourav.das@altair.com Regards, Sourav
  8. Hi Uri, you can check in the whats new(link)or release note. I am attaching the SS for your reference. Regards Sourav
  9. Hi Mork, Kindly share the model with us. Regards, Sourav
  10. Hi Junta, Sure, We will update you. Regards, Sourav
  11. i9 with 10 cores, and upto 6 cores the speed will increase, beyond 6 cores, the speed will remain same
  12. Have a look at this image Regards Sourav
  13. Junta, Moreover you will get good result, if u run with cooling lines Regards Sourav
  14. Hi Junta, Yes correct, all nodes should be less than that temperature.
  15. The 1st question is about the “offset value” when creating the tools. a. By default, the offset factor when creating the tool is 1.2 (gap =1.2*blank thickness) a. 20% offset pattern (total gap will become 1+0.2), for example, your blank thickness is 1 mm and tool offset is 20% total gap will be blank thickness+20% of blank thickness =t(1+0.2) b. However, sometimes, we are provided with a full set of die tools, including the top die, punch, and binder. And in the design, the gap is only equal to the blank thickness, for example = 1mm. So what should we do in this case? i. Take their design faces to use as tools, with the gap between die and punch = 1mm you need a little gap here ii. Recreate the punch by offsetting the die face >> gap = 1.2 mm (as above) this can be done easily using the offset tool. 2. The 2nd question is about the material density in HyperForm and InspireForm. Take an example for steel, rho = 7.8e-9 (ton/mm3) If I use the uniform mesh size (turn off adaptive mesh), the density is remained originally = 7.8e-9 t/mm3 However, when using both InspireForm or HyperForm with the “adaptive mesh = on”, The rho is increase 10 times >> new rho = 7.8e-8 (t/mm3) 2. Check over the unit consistency and compare the model Regards, Sourav
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