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  1. Hi Prajwin, SimSolid is not a part of Altair Student Edition. HyperWorks 2019.X learning course is available still in the learning section. See the image below. We are preparing the examination of the same and will soon be released. It is in the final stage. SimLab learning course is available and we are yet to release a certification exam (i do not know the release date).
  2. Hi, In the case of RBE2 elements, one node serves as the Independent and the other(s) the Dependant node(s). The Dependant node(s) simply follow the motion of the Independent node in the Degrees of Freedom that have been linked. These elements are useful to simply represent welds or to tie together two dissimilar meshes. One word of caution though is that RBE2 elements, as they rigidly link nodes together, can induce a stiffness to the model that may not be desired. RBE3 elements, on the other hand, serve to distribute loads without inducing unwanted stiffness. It is not an element to be used to model a connection, but rather an element to induce a motion in a node as a function of the weighted average of other nodes.
  3. Hi, I hope the following post about the activation of Embed license helps.
  4. Hi Vishrut, After downloading the license file, rename it to altair_lic.dat and place the same in the <installation directory>/security folder If you have already done the above and still face the error, Use windows folder options / view > display file name extensions, to make sure the file is named altair_lic.dat and not altair_lic.dat.dat, You need to confirm if the Ethernet address in the license file is the correct one and matches the one in your machine. When you open the license file in a text editor you will see an Ethernet address there in a line that says "ETHERNET = The Ethernet ID is the ID of your machine which is exactly 12 hexadecimal numbers. For example D4WRF478F398 Run ipconfig/all in command window and check for physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection: The listed physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection should be used to generate the license file, if there is no listing of Ethernet adapter local area connection, the address under Wireless Adapter LAN Wifi must be used. That means if the address provided as above does not match the one in the license file, please request for the license file again with the correct Ethernet ID here https://studentedition.altair.com/
  5. Hi Prajwin, Nothing is wrong in the PDF. The problem is that you are unfortunately not able to follow the steps correctly while many students are able to. I had already told you to follow the instructions carefully so that you will get the right results. Kindly make sure you select the nodes manually at the end of the ribs for the 3rd boundary condition carefully. This is required as it wont be selected initially by cursor dragging.
  6. Hi, You can access the Pre-Tension section by the following way in 2020 version of HyperMesh - Abaqus user profile
  7. Hi Amith, Go to temp node panel (Shift+F2 or Geom panel >> temp nodes) and click Clear all which removes all temp nodes in your model.
  8. Hi Prajwin, The one marked in the below image is the new HyperWorks Interface available in Student Edition 2020.
  9. Hi Prajwijn, It looks like your Boundary conditions are incorrect. So, your displacement value is absolutely incorrect. Kindly follow the instructions given in the exercise carefully. We cannot tell you the answers since it is an examination. Many other students are able to solve it and got the certificate.
  10. Hi Prajwin, Kindly register for Altair's student edition here: https://studentedition.altair.com/. It is the latest 2020 edition and it comes with the new Interface (HyperWorks X).
  11. Hi, Kindly delete the settings files as explained in the following post.
  12. A user has the following Query Hi, I have an issue regarding positioning, configuring or dragging as well as entity/surface selection of the imported solidworks model/geometry , the mouse and cursor are completely functional , even able to select displayed options of hyperworks. But the problem arises (Inability in move body and entity selection) when I switch over to have a view of the model/geometry . Kindly have an overview at the given snaps.
  13. Hi, HyperWorks do support Nvidia graphics cards, but not the Geforce series. Nvidia Quadro series is officially recommended. The Quadro series is more geared towards CAD and graphics designs, while the GeForce line leans towards gaming. However, you can still work with the GeForce series. The thing is, you may face some graphical issues. Also, check this to see the difference between Geforce and Quadro series of Nvidia. You can understand which series is best suited for software/simulation/design application. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-Nvidia-Quadro-and-Geforce-How-each-of-them-perform-on-CAD-and-Gaming
  14. Hi, This feature is available in HyperMesh. Kindly make use of the Mesh Refinement Tool as explained in the attached document. T-T-1278-HyperMesh-Mesh-Pattern-Refinement.pdf
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