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  1. With HyperWorks 2017 Altair introduces solidThinking Click2Form, a sheet metal forming simulation software that enables users to optimize their products for manufacturing, with the consideration of early formability, material utilization and cost. Evaluating feasibility within seconds is possible with the industry leading one-step inverse simulation technology. In addition to providing the users with areas of possible failure due to tearing and thinning, Click2Form has comprehensive blank utilization capabilities that provides optimal blank shape including the best layout for blank nesting and the associated material cost. More details :https://docsbay.net/hyperform-new-features Hopefully it helps!
  2. The Event ID 1000 application error is one included in the Event Viewer log when applications crash. Thus, when the error occurs, you can't launch the required program or software might unexpectedly close.Event 1000 application error on Windows 10
  3. You can find the way to calculate the inductance matrix for Electrical Machines in Altair Flux here: https://docsbay.net/altair-flux-2019 Hopefully it helps!
  4. 1. Under the Create menu, select Coordinate System to create a local coordinate system. 2. Use the placement options to determine the location of the coordinate system. 3. Click to place the coordinate system. 4. By default the newly created coordinate system is the active coordinate system. 5. Right-click on the Coordinate System in the scene or scene browser to change the Active status or to activate a different coordinate system. Note: The local coordinate systems only show a single plane by default. If needed, right-click in the scene browser on the desired planes to make them visible. You can get more details here: https://docsbay.net/creating-a-new-local-coordinate-system
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