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  1. Hello, I am new to Altair Embed and would like to know if there is a way to import Activate models into Embed?? There is an option to import Simulink models but that does not support the .scm extension of Activate models. I could not find any other documentation regarding this, so would like to get some suggestions or workarounds for this problem. I am using basic 2019.1 versions of both Activate and Embed. Thank you, Rajath
  2. I have Altair Activate Basic 2019 and I have the same issue. On top of that, I do not see the select Compiler option with my version as shown in the screenshot. Could anyone suggest a workaround? I have installed VS 2019 with the SDK option also installed. Thanks, Rajath
  3. Hi Roberta, Thank you for the information and I was able to successfully run the simulation. I am new to Activate and would like to learn about other approaches that could potentially be used to achieve the same result. I have not been able to use the other blocks mentioned in my first post in this thread successfully, so thought this would be a pretty good use case for it. Regards, Rajath
  4. Corrected the vector size in the MUX block and the issue got resolved. I would still like to know if I could use any other blocks to accomplish the same results.
  5. Hello all, I have a state space system model which takes in 3 inputs and gives a single output which I am trying to model in Activate. The 3 inputs are time series signals and I am currently using lookup tables and the mux block to feed it into the state space block. When I try to run this table, there is inconsistency between the dimension of output port of Mux block and input port of State space block. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Also open to suggestions of using other convenient blocks for my simulation like signal generator or signalIN blocks. Thanks, Rajath
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