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  1. "*** ERROR # 7590 *** LATPRM,CLEAN,QUAD and HS is only allowed for lattice size optimization." Hello, I do a DoE of the Latticeoptimisation. Every Datapoint is a full Lattice-Optimisation(Phase 1 & II ). Parameter: All Lattice Parameter from DTPL(+Lattice) and LATPRM Every time LATPRM, CLEAN is YES I get the Error 7590. When I use Default or "NO", there is no Problem. According to the Help 2019 "YES" is Default!? Attached: - minimal example (Cube) - see Line 52 in *.fem - Result_of_DoE_for_Debug.xlsx Thank you for your efforts in advance Cube.fem Cube_no_error.fem Result_of_DoE_for_Debug.xlsx
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