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  1. If you maybe attach your model or at least the relevant cards the forum members can help you much better.
  2. Hello, you can split a page into several windows by using the following button in HyperView You can display in every window different subcases / models / ... Best regards Tommy
  3. In my opinion pbusht in DTRAN should work. But I haven't use it together until now. Maybe you can add your table entries or model? Best regards
  4. Hello Phil, With the function FE overwrite you can import elements/nodes/... a second time and the old data of this element types are overwritten. This is a very helpful function if you want to have the results from topography or free shape optimizations in HyperMesh. Best regards Tommy
  5. Tommy

    PSD analysis

    Hello everyone, now I am facing with the problem of setting up an random response analysis. Therefore I have some questions… 1. The input data from testing is in acceleration [mm/s²] vs. time and my fe-model is in units of [mm], [tonne]. I have created in HyperGraph a curve for my frequency resonse analyse by using FFT --> Hamming. But how can I create the PSD-signal for my RRA in HyperGraph? 2. Further I want to achieve my results for stress in [MPa] and displacements in [mm]. So the unit of my PSD should be in [(mm/s²)²/Hz], I am right? 3. I have read that the TABRND in my RRA must have the LOG - LOG. Can someone please explain this? Best regards Tommy
  6. You can combine different TLOAD-cards with one DLOAD-card and apply this DLOAD in your subcase. Here a small example: SUBCASE 112 ANALYSIS NLSTAT LABEL = DLOAD = 102 CNTNLSUB = YES <...> BEGIN BULK DLOAD 101 1. 1. 110 1. 100 DLOAD 102 1. 1. 120 1. 100 DLOAD 103 1. 1. 130 1. 100 DLOAD 104 1. 1. 140 1. 100 <...> $ $ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $HMNAME LOADCOL 100"TLOAD1_GRAV" TLOAD1 100 105 LOAD 99 $ $HMNAME LOADCOL 110"TLOAD1_1" TLOAD1 110 115 LOAD 111 $ $HMNAME LOADCOL 120"TLOAD1_2" TLOAD1 120 125 LOAD 121 $ $HMNAME LOADCOL 130"TLOAD1_3" TLOAD1 130 135 LOAD 131 $ $HMNAME LOADCOL 140"TLOAD1_4" TLOAD1 140 145 LOAD 141 <...>
  7. You are welcome Best regards Tommy
  8. If the wall of your tube has a thickness of 16mm you should assign 16mm in your PSHELL card in the "T"-field. You can check your MidSurface modeling with the "2D Detailed Element Representation"
  9. Hello JJJ You can count nodes (and all other elements) by Tools --> count --> ... And creating a rbe3-element by 1D --> rbe3 --> ... I think creating a rbe3-element and introducing the force over the centre node is the recommend version. best regards Tommy
  10. You can also create a curve / table (force vs deflection) with two values. For example: TABLED1 5 LINEAR LINEAR + -1.0 -100.0 -0.1 -100.0 0.0 0.0 0.1 100. $--1---][--2---][--3---][--4---][--5---][--6---][--7---][--8---][--9---] + 1.0 100. ENDT
  11. For this you need an PBUSHT card with TABLED1 for your damper direction. In the table you can define the stiffness depending on the elongation.
  12. Add SPCFORCE(H3D) = ALL the reaction force is written into the h3d-file to view it in Hyperview.
  13. Maybe if you share your fem-file someone can help you.
  14. CNTNLSUB Transfers the Stress, strain displacement, ... into your second subcase. If you want to keep the spc active you must activate in the second subcase again. Maybe you can attach so the fem-file ?
  15. You have not assign an property to you CTETRAs. The third block in your CTETRA card is "0", which is not allowed.
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