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  1. You have not assign an property to you CTETRAs. The third block in your CTETRA card is "0", which is not allowed.
  2. If you want to calculate the eigenvalues of this fluid you must mesh your ring (air) with solid. Further you have to set the FCTN flag in your PSOLID Card and choose an MAT10 - Card. You dont have to model the surrounding structure of the fluid. Best regards
  3. Thanks a lot - this is what I am Looking for!
  4. Thanks for you reply Mario, but thats not what I really want. I want the contour plot of my whole model and highlight not only the maximum of my model. Additional I want to highlight a second node in a specific area, which is the maximum there. In my attached Picture the Right end is highlighted as max. Now I want to mark also the max in the left end with the complete contour plot. I dont want to search the second maximum manual. Best regards Tommy
  5. Hello, I want to identify the maximum from countour value for a specific area of my model. I know how to find the maximum from my complete model. Is there an possibility to do so, without deleting contour plot and read it again for this specific area? Best regards Tommy
  6. Hello everybody, I want to identify the rotational displacements from a grid DOF in HyperView - but I don't know how to do so?!? Acutall I'm only able to measure the DOF 123. I printed the displacements for one grid in an punchfile: $TITLE = $SUBTITLE= $LABEL = $DISPLACEMENTS $REAL OUTPUT $SUBCASE ID = 1 835183 G -1.238693E-01 0.000000E+00 -2.331949E+00 -CONT- 1.250620E-02 0.000000E+00 0.000000E+00 Can someone please explain how to measure These displacements? Best regards, Tommy
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