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  1. Hi, Just adding an additional information for Adriano's suggestion of deleting few files. We have a dedicated post for deleting settings files which you can follow: Thank You
  2. Hi, Contact Status (Normal) shows whether defined contact is in open, closed or tied status at any particular load increment (0- Open contact; 1-Tie Contact). Contact Status (Tangent) shows whether contact is in stick or slide status. Contact Status (Normal) is related to perpendicular displacement of contact surfaces while contact status (Tangent) is for tangential displacement of contact surfaces. Thank You
  3. Hi, You can take reference of a video tutorial as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GR04BA0Ar8 If you are using Student Edition 2020, then you will have to create a curve and then assign it to material. Kindly find the following post for your reference: Thank You!
  4. Hi It is possible to move the legend around from the options provided: Edit Legend > Position > Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Right. You can reduce the level instead. Thank You
  5. Hi Eib, You can refer to help for the information on FATLOAD (Attaching PDF of same). Also refer to this post: Thank You FATLOAD.pdf
  6. Hi Ayelmao, In case you are using 2020 you have to create the curve and assign it to the material which you are defining. Follow following steps: Creating material: Create Curve: Assign the Curve in the material: Click on material > Check MATT4 and assign the curve in T(K) as shown Thank You
  7. Hi, You can try to organize the elements into a collector and then apply the load on elements present in that collector. To organize the elements: Tool > Organize; Select the elements to be moved and the collector to which it should be moved. Thank You
  8. Hi Oguzhan, Which analysis are you performing ? Can you elaborate your problem statement and when are you getting this error message ?
  9. Hi Charos, Kindly refer to the help document (tutorial): OS-T: 1372 Rotor Dynamics of a Hollow Cylindrical Rotor Thank You
  10. Hi Yogesh, Kindly refer to the video demonstrating the Non-linear Static Analysis: https://altairuniversity.com/analysis/structural/nonlinear/nlstat-tutorial-pressure-load-on-a-chair/ Thank You
  11. Hi, Kindly refer to the tutorials provided in help menu. Linear Static Analysis tutorial has been attached for your reference. Thank You OS-T_ 1000 Linear Static Analysis of a Plate with a Hole.pdf
  12. Hi, Kindly refer to the following document attached for your reference: Thank You 2Dmeshing.pdf
  13. Hi Sherwin, kindly follow the below post for deleting setting files which may be of some help: Thank You
  14. Hi, Such issues can occur due to some setting files, kindly follow the below post (deleting setting files) which may help: Thank You
  15. Hi Charos, Yes, you can plot it in HyperGraph as we use HyperView and HyperGraph for post processing the results. Attached is an informative document on HyperGraph for your reference. HW_0000_Datasheet_HyperGraph_8.5x11.pdf Thank You
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