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  1. Hi Sherwin, kindly follow the below post for deleting setting files which may be of some help: Thank You
  2. Hi, Such issues can occur due to some setting files, kindly follow the below post (deleting setting files) which may help: Thank You
  3. Hi Charos, Yes, you can plot it in HyperGraph as we use HyperView and HyperGraph for post processing the results. Attached is an informative document on HyperGraph for your reference. HW_0000_Datasheet_HyperGraph_8.5x11.pdf Thank You
  4. Hi Bhushan, All the certificates contain a unique alphanumeric code printer on it. Anyone who wants to authenticate this certificate can write to us at altairuniversity@altair.com with the code and we will authenticate it by sending the information which we have in our system for the code provided. In this way certificate can be verified. Thank You!
  5. Hi Benjamin, You can download the model files for tutorials provided in help from here: https://altairuniversity.com/model-files-for-student-edition-users-accompaniment-to-the-tutorials-in-help/
  6. Hi Amith, You can get the explanation here: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/hypermesh-geometry-cleanup-toggle-and-suppressing-edges/ Thank You
  7. Hi, You can change the size of the values in legend as shown in the attached video. Edit_legend.mp4 Thank You!
  8. Hi Madlen, Try the following: set n_point 4859 set lst_points "4864 4848 4847 4846 4845 4844 4843 4842 4841 4840 4839 4838 4837 4836 4835 4834 4833 4831 4830 4829 4828 4827 4826 4812 4811 4810 4796 4794 4793 4760" *createmark points 1 $n_point eval *createmark points 2 $lst_points set n_closestPoint [lindex [hm_measureshortestdistance points 1 0 points 2 0 0] 8] Thank You!
  9. Hi Sherwin, Kindly take a look at the document attached and make sure you fulfill the minimum operating system requirements mentioned in it. Edit paramete rs window is working fine in latest Student Edition. supprt_platform.pdf Thank You
  10. Hi Faisal, Kindly have a look at this post which is related to your issue: Thank You
  11. HI Alfonso, Kindly follow all the steps given in the tutorial file and you would get the answer. For maximum shear (in HV) you can select "MaxShear" as shown below: Thank You
  12. Hi Ben, You can find this information on "HyperMesh 1D Rigids Bars and Beams" helpful: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/hypermesh-1d-rigids-bars-and-beams/ Thank You
  13. Hi, Can you share .hm (model fiile) or .fem file of the same model?
  14. Hi Kei, In this step you are moving the surfaces to the component named "geometry". Here you need to move only surfaces and not mesh, since your mesh and geometry both are visible in graphics are you are getting confused. You can hide the mesh as shown below and then proceed: Thank You
  15. Hi Lennart, TIE contact with node to surface can be used in this case. You can have : Slaves- front row of nodes of blue component Master- Elements of purple component And the gap between the components should be used as search distance. Thank You
  16. Hi, What is the error that you are getting during optimization?
  17. PrasannaK


    Hi, WSURF1 is a set identification number. Kindly find the help documents attached for your reference. Thank You MFLUID.pdf SURF.pdf
  18. Hi Farouk, Can you share the file which gives this error? Thank You
  19. Hi Dura, Kindly try deleting setting files. Reference link: Thank You
  20. Hi Dinesh, This issue is probably due to improper installation. You can try the following options: 1. Deleting the setting files as mentioned here: https://forum.altair.com/topic/13434-how-to-delete-settings-files/ 2. Reinstall the software by first uninstalling it from "Add or remove programs". Thank You
  21. Hi LucaC, Separate components should be created for plate and structure, as stiffness and other properties will differ for both. To include horizontal displacement, sliding contact should be defined between plate and structure. Thank You
  22. Hi, Kindly find the attached video link for step by step information on creating forces and constraints: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRKofhtoP9Q For uniformly distributed load you can refer to the following post: https://forum.altair.com/topic/18192-how-to-give-a-uniform-distributed-load/T The kind of analysis you want to perform on helicopter blade should be selected in "Analysis type" in the Load Step. Thank You
  23. Hi, Kindly find the below post for your reference which is related to your question: Thank you
  24. Hi, For downloading the tutorial model files, kindly find the like attached: https://altairuniversity.com/model-files-for-student-edition-users-accompaniment-to-the-tutorials-in-help/ Thank You
  25. Hi Kei, I think you have already performed the analysis after solver deck setup and you are facing issue in viewing the results? After Analysis, result files are generated at the location where your solver deck is saved. To view the results (in HyperView) you can open HyperView and load the result file (usually .h3d file) as below: Open HyperWorks > Click on Client Selector > Select HyperView Once HyperView is opened you can you can load model and result file (usually .h3d) > click "Apply" Thank You
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