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  1. Hi, When we do assembly meshing in hypermesh the two assemblied surface penetrate with each other. If we convert it to ansys or lsdyna the penetration give some problems during analysis. So how to correct those problem. Can anyone help me to solve this issue. 1. Part1 is blue and Part2 is green in colour. 2. Wireframe mesh diagram of the two part 3. Zoomed view of the mesh area. Here the penetration of part 1 into part 2 is visible. Now how to correct the problem, give me some solution with pdf or video or any other type. Waiting for your reply. I inserted k file of the model here. Penetrate.k
  2. Hi... I am trying to find out the penetration of two 3d component after meshing. In naked eye its shows its penetrating. I want to know how to check and correct the penetration. Any one give me PDF or video for reference.
  3. Hi, I have a problem while exporting Hypermesh file to LSdyna. When ever i open the .k file in LSdyna the component name are not available there, is there any options to take the file name to there in lsdyna. Components name are seen in Hypermesh file but its resemble as number in Lsdyna. Please some one help me regarding this.
  4. Hi Nguyen-Dai. Its equivalent in all sides. If you see in naked eye you feel its well connected if i try to delete the elements by using connected elements its selecting only one portion of the elements. This problem is coming if i use ruled mesh option if i do automesh this problem is not there, I attached the photo for reference just check that once again.
  5. Hi... I meshed Plate with hole in 2D Ruled option, the mesh flow is fine but the problem is mesh are not connected with each other. Can any one solve the problem. If elements are not connected with each other any problem will arise during analysis?
  6. I am doing 1D Problem like Beam and Bar. When i do analysis option Optistruct the error message is coming. I dont know what the problem is. Can any one help me to solve the problem.
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