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    Search the Support forum - The support forum is an extensive database of queries from HyperWorks - FEA users worldwide, it is likely that your question has been asked and answered before, use the search option in the top right hand corner to search for your question. 
    Search Help documentation - The full HyperWorks HTML documentation (part of your installation) provides a thorough, searchable resource to find detailed information about HyperWorks, including an extensive set of tutorials HyperWorks offers comprehensive documentation in the online help.The Help can be accessed through the menu bar or the use of the “h” , keyboard  (help documentation is “intelligent”, opening in the section representing the panel that the user is actively in) Help also contains detailed tutorials on many advanced HyperMesh functions.
    Search and go through the Free E-Books -
    Design of Experiments with HyperStudy – A Study Guide
    Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide)
    Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization (A Study Guide)
    Practical Aspects of Multi-Body Simulation with HyperWorks
    Crash Analysis With RADIOSS – A Study Guide
          Search and explore the Learning Library - An extensive collection of interactive training videos (with audio) covering the most essentials about interacting with the graphical user interface, basics of geometry cleanup, introduction in 2D meshing, analysis, debugging, topology optimization, and postprocessing (visit the Learning Library for more information)
    Search and explore Tips and Tricks
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