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  1. The .fem file about loadstep is attacched. In the master file there is the include statement. F171_MULO_LCS_DYNK_001.fem
  2. I'm informing myself if I can share the .fem file. However the .fem file calls up several includes files, I should send you all the include .fem files, I suppose.
  3. Can you share the screenshot of the .out file? I edited nothing.
  4. Find attacched the out file. NVH_310719.out
  5. Hello all, I'have a problem with a file .fem. I try to start the calculation with optistruct, but few minutes later an error appears and the calculation stop. The error is error#1260 "Missing subcase information in the input file". I have checked if the nodes where the force are applied are connected, and the nodes are ok. Can you help me?
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