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  1. Sorry, I found the solution. According to the help file, we should import the the material and property into the radioss format file like _0000.rad. Thanks
  2. Dear Edouard, Hello, I was working with Ktex and was wondering to ask your help if it is possible. I ran Ktex woven property so several *.fem file were produced. ( each file size was 2K or 3K!). When I imported the fem file in optistruct, I am not able to see any geometry despite material and its property is shown. Would you please let me know how I can have geometry as well? is there any process that I have not done properly? I also have some plan to do some simulation in Radioss with that meso scale fem file but it seems no format compatible with radioss is produced by running Ktex woven property. Thank you so much for your time and assistance, Nasim
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