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  1. Hi Rahul, Thank you for the answer. Yes, we can do MBD Analysis with considering frictional properties in Inspire, but I want to perform FE-Analysis of my kinematic mechanism. I mean, I want to use each component of my kinematic mechanism as flex body, also with subcase - NLSTAT or NLTRANS (with Large Displacement)... and all of these with static- and dynamic frictional co-efficients in all the kinematic FE-joints. I also tried Inspire structre module to enter joint frictional properties in my kinematic mechanism, but after entering static- and dynamic frictional properties in Inspire Structural module, when I tried to generate .fem file through Inspire and ...opened it in Hypermesh, I couldn't find these static- and dynamic frictional properties. Yes, we can also do such calculations with MBD Analysis including friction in kinematic joints, but actually we want to see how the frictional properties in kinematic FE-joints affect in FE-Analysis results.
  2. Dear Sir/Madadm, Could you please explain me, whether it is possible to include friction in kinematic joints of any mechanism with using Optistruct Solver and also with NLSTAT/NLTRANS subcases? We can definitely use PCONT for defining static- and dynamic frictional coefficients between two surfaces through contact definition, but can we also implement these in kinematic joints? Basically we want to do FE-Analysis of a kinematic mechanism with considering static- and dynamic friction. With local Altair support, I got to know that we cannot calculate such a problem, but can we develop a particular method in which we can include static- and dynamic friction in kinematic joints of any mechanism? Thanking you in advance. Best regards Ravi Patel
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