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  1. Hi, I am looking for an Acoustics software with the following abilities: · Simulation of absorption, reflection and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures · Modeling of wall, floor and ceiling structures by specifying layer materials and thickness · Transmission calculations with open back or absorption calculations with rigid back termination · Calculations within the complete frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz · Incident sound at adjustable angles or as a diffuse field Any suggestion from Altair partners? Thank you
  2. Thank you for the questions. The simulation is running to solve a steady state turbulent flow field. The mesh refinement had been implemented in the critical area of interest. The standard-K epsilon model has been chosen for the Turbulent modelling.
  3. Hi, I am trying to understand if my solution in Acusolve has converged or not as the maximum values for the velocity field does not fit the analytical approximation. Here are the residual /mass flux /density history. Do I need to keep running the model?
  4. I am not looking for animations, In Ansys there is an option to choose between 3D and 2D streamlines which is different from velocity vector representations. I am wondering if there is the same possibility in Fieldview as well.
  5. Hello , I am trying to visualize the 2D streamline in Fieldview. My domain is 3D and I am using the a surface for the seed mode option. The resulting streamline are still 3D after calculation. Is there any point that I should consider in order to visualize the 2D streamline?
  6. Hi, I am trying to impose 0 relative pressure to inflow and out flow but acusolve gives the the following pressure: acuPrep: Processing SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION( "TC-Intake" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: Kinetic energy must be non-zero at inflow boundaries. acuPrep: *** ERROR: Dissipation rate must be non-zero at inflow boundaries. does anyone know which kind of pressure Acusolve use for the BC? does the pressure indicate absolute pressure or relative one?How can I impose the 0 relative pressure in both intake and outlet?
  7. Thanks for the hint. it has been resolved. and I passed from acu prep to acusolve now I am getting this error while the surface has a finite area. acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <bbcInitVals> File <bbc.c> Line <149> acuSolve: *** BBC <BLEED-EXHAUST> has zero area acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuSolve"
  8. It is a single fluid simulation , so the multi-phase option in solution strategy tab is off.I am solving the flow and temperature though.
  9. I have this error in same log file: acuPrep: Processing EQUATION acuPrep: *** ERROR: field <Air> is redundant acuPrep: Processing FIELD( "none" ) acuPrep: Processing FIELD( "Air" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: Could find corresponding FIELD entry for Air field acuPrep: Processing ELEMENT_SET( "FLUID_BL" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: ELEMENT_SET FLUID_BL is single fluid in a multifield simulation acuPrep: Processing ELEMENT_SET( "FLUID_main" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: ELEMENT_SET FLUID_main is single fluid in a multifield simulation
  10. I am trying to run the simulation in acuconsole , the run has been stopped after the following warning on BSs while executing Acuprep: : surface output on non-active element sets ignored how can I find the origin of error in more details?
  11. The running fluid is air, what is the difference between the air and air-HM?
  12. If i want to use both simple BC and integrated BC to impose the mass flux at outflow , which pressure value should I use under the simple BC as I don t know the pressure distribution in outflow?
  13. The main reason of exporting the mesh to Acuconsole is to use the integrated/element BC options available under advanced BC .
  14. Thanks for your info. If Acuconsole does not support the mixed-topology mesh set, which strategy needs to be taken apart redoing the mesh?
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