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  1. Hi, I am looking for an Acoustics software with the following abilities: · Simulation of absorption, reflection and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures · Modeling of wall, floor and ceiling structures by specifying layer materials and thickness · Transmission calculations with open back or absorption calculations with rigid back termination · Calculations within the complete frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz · Incident sound at adjustable angles or as a diffuse field Any suggestion from Altair partners? Thank you
  2. Thank you for the questions. The simulation is running to solve a steady state turbulent flow field. The mesh refinement had been implemented in the critical area of interest. The standard-K epsilon model has been chosen for the Turbulent modelling.
  3. Hi, I am trying to understand if my solution in Acusolve has converged or not as the maximum values for the velocity field does not fit the analytical approximation. Here are the residual /mass flux /density history. Do I need to keep running the model?
  4. I am not looking for animations, In Ansys there is an option to choose between 3D and 2D streamlines which is different from velocity vector representations. I am wondering if there is the same possibility in Fieldview as well.
  5. Hello , I am trying to visualize the 2D streamline in Fieldview. My domain is 3D and I am using the a surface for the seed mode option. The resulting streamline are still 3D after calculation. Is there any point that I should consider in order to visualize the 2D streamline?
  6. Hi, I am trying to impose 0 relative pressure to inflow and out flow but acusolve gives the the following pressure: acuPrep: Processing SIMPLE_BOUNDARY_CONDITION( "TC-Intake" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: Kinetic energy must be non-zero at inflow boundaries. acuPrep: *** ERROR: Dissipation rate must be non-zero at inflow boundaries. does anyone know which kind of pressure Acusolve use for the BC? does the pressure indicate absolute pressure or relative one?How can I impose the 0 relative pressure in both intake and outlet?
  7. Thanks for the hint. it has been resolved. and I passed from acu prep to acusolve now I am getting this error while the surface has a finite area. acuSolve: *** ASSERTION in Function <bbcInitVals> File <bbc.c> Line <149> acuSolve: *** BBC <BLEED-EXHAUST> has zero area acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuSolve"
  8. It is a single fluid simulation , so the multi-phase option in solution strategy tab is off.I am solving the flow and temperature though.
  9. I have this error in same log file: acuPrep: Processing EQUATION acuPrep: *** ERROR: field <Air> is redundant acuPrep: Processing FIELD( "none" ) acuPrep: Processing FIELD( "Air" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: Could find corresponding FIELD entry for Air field acuPrep: Processing ELEMENT_SET( "FLUID_BL" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: ELEMENT_SET FLUID_BL is single fluid in a multifield simulation acuPrep: Processing ELEMENT_SET( "FLUID_main" ) acuPrep: *** ERROR: ELEMENT_SET FLUID_main is single fluid in a multifield simulation
  10. I am trying to run the simulation in acuconsole , the run has been stopped after the following warning on BSs while executing Acuprep: : surface output on non-active element sets ignored how can I find the origin of error in more details?
  11. The running fluid is air, what is the difference between the air and air-HM?
  12. If i want to use both simple BC and integrated BC to impose the mass flux at outflow , which pressure value should I use under the simple BC as I don t know the pressure distribution in outflow?
  13. The main reason of exporting the mesh to Acuconsole is to use the integrated/element BC options available under advanced BC .
  14. Thanks for your info. If Acuconsole does not support the mixed-topology mesh set, which strategy needs to be taken apart redoing the mesh?
  15. Hi, I have multiple inlets and outlets and I am using AcuConsole.
  16. Thank you for your reply. The only available data for me on outflow is mass flux. It was not really clear for me what are differences between Integrated Boundary condition and element boundary condition under advanced option. Do you have any more information regarding to that?
  17. Hello Users, I am trying to import my HyperMesh model to Acuconsole. After opening the exported mesh in Acuconsole, All of the boundary surfaces and Control Volume mesh has been separated by the element (Pyr5-tet4-wedge6). While exporting from Hypermesh, I have disable the option to create the exterior faces. Is there any way to avoid element separation?
  18. hello Users! I am trying to impose the mass flux to the outflow Boundary as well. I have heard that it might bring stability problem to my solution. Any other alternative?
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