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  1. I have attached both. The second figure is wires and inside is Free Space.
  2. Hi Mel, This is the cfx file. Here the medium inside the surface of the polygon is PEC. So, if you see my plane wave model of incidence, it should be the same if I fill the medium with free space. However, I have different results. Is Feko treating the PEC as a finite conductance such that causes some kind of current distribution on the surface even though the electric field is just on the plane of the surface? Or does it consider the PEC to be of infinity conductivity? EDIT: I have attached the free space model too. 08202019_feko_one_prop_2_blades_PEC.cfx 08202019_feko_one_prop_2_blades_Free_Space.cfx
  3. Please find it. I want to run it only with UTD to save time. 2Bladdes3D_Carbide_V2.cfx
  4. I followed it and I selected UTD for each face in the model. Still, I have 2 regions too on which I can not change the solver to UTD. When I run after remeshing, I get an error which says "ERROR 2688: The model tolerance is too large as compared to the length of one UTD edge".
  5. I want to run my simulation with explicitly UTD or explicitly PO. However, I don't understand the solver settings in 2018. In default settings, I don't have the option to only select UTD as the PO/MoM has to be selected on top.
  6. I have a simple doubt. I have a 2D polygon (XY plane) on my model and the incident plane wave and electric field is also on the same plane (XY plane) and the magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane XY (on z). Theoretically the monostatic RCS should be the same for a PEC and for a Free space medium inside the polygon as the wave can't penetrate inside. And, unfortunately I can't change the properties of the edges. Edges remains edges. I can't put any material for edges in the model. And, I get different results for a PEC and for a Free Space medium inside the polygon. Why? I have made a comparison on PEC and free space. Please help. 2Blades_comparison_4_GHz.eps
  7. I Still get the error after simplifying. I made them all of one material and then applied the simplify. Then, as you said it removed 24 redundant elements and I ran it and still I ran into memory issues. I am even doing it on a cluster. And I couldn't use your file because it is built on 2019 version and I am using a 2018 version. Please help.
  8. I removed the intersecting triangles but how can I link the same mesh back? I can only see an option which says "Use model mesh", which is I think doesn't do exactly what I want. How can I re-link it with the Geometry?
  9. With coarse meshing, I always run into mesh error like this. I am not sure how to get rid of these and I get these all the time. ERROR 40619: Intersecting triangles found See also message in the output file 08262019_Feko_two_blades_V2.out
  10. Ah sorry I couldn't find it at first. Here it is. 08262019_Feko_two_blades.cfx
  11. I have now. Did you mean the cfs in my case? 08262019_Feko_two_blades.cfs
  12. I just tired that and I have another memory related error. ERROR 32476: Not enough memory available for dynamic allocation
  13. When I run my model with the default solver (I guess it is MOM), I get an error which says "ERROR 33238: Not enough memory available on the hard disk for an out-of-core file" though I already have 8 GB of RAM and more than 200 GB of free HDD space. However, when I switch to FDTD solver, it doesn't show up the error, but it takes a really really long time. I have attached the model to this post. Please help me what to do with this error as I haven't found any good solutions yet. 08262019_Feko_two_blades.fek
  14. I get the error when I run it on CADFEKO with a frequency of operation from 3 GHz to 12 GHz and with a plane wave excitation.
  15. @Q.Nguyen-Dai Please find the STL file edited on the question.
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