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  1. Hi, I am trying to do lattice optimization on a simple block with structural boundary conditions. I keep getting Error #312 with the explanation below: In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large -5.91187e+17. Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed. due to possible rigid body mode. I tried constraining different dofs but it did no good. would really appreciate any help regarding this issue. Attached you can find the model. Thanks! structural_topo.fem
  2. Thanks a bunch Rahul, it works perfectly now!
  3. Thanks for the reply Rahul. Now I am facing the*** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** with below description: in file "calcflux.F", at location # 433. ioerr(1) = 76801 **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR **** Could you please guide me how to solve this issue now? Best, Thermal_topo.fem
  4. Hi, I am very new to this software. I am using optistruct for thermal optimization study and I get"*** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 2." I have a very simple geometry. It is a plate from which the design and non-design spaces have been extruded backward and forward, respectively. I would really appreciate any input on this problem. I am attaching the model as well in case needed. Thanks! Thermal_topo.hm
  5. Hi all, I had requested the license for an old computer of mine but it is almost impossible to run simulations on it. I was wondering how can I change the physical address for my license file? Thanks!
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