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  1. i have this bug for years: the post processing sometimes automatically turns off or fails, without any user input. Has anyone experinced this issue?
  2. I get odd results when analysing turbo sessions-the distance doesnt show until I set it to manual data entry-and the power calcs are all over the place -negative ones as well should I set the garmin to not use GPS? or is it something fundamental with the settings? thanks in advance
  3. You might check on eBay for these parts too, as there is some people parting out XJ600 Seca II engines and theyre auctioning off the box of engine bolts or something like that.
  4. Solved : you have to start cluster channels in order to issue this command Quite weird, but true Maybe there is something wrong with my installation ...
  5. Thanks for the pics. I bet this is going to be a bunch of fun. My buddy here in Oklahoma has a great time with his. What did you end up doing to the motor?
  6. I try to compile the sample of SampleVisual. I do it as follow: 1 Create a empty dll in VC6.0 2 Add files SampleVisual.cpp and rc and all need headfiles When I compile the project, it report that file SampleVisual.rh not find. I can not find the file in sdk. Would you like to tell me how to compile that? Thanks.
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