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  1. Hello everyone, By looking at OptiStruct Manual, I found that CQUAD4 Elements are formulated considering "bubble shape functions" instead of the commonly used bi linear shape functions, and for this reason 5 integrations points are considered (in contrast with 4 points for the bi linear functions). Does anyone know what are the main differences of these two sets of shape functions and how exactly the bubble shape functions can deliver a high order approximation of the displacement/stress fields without the addition of a node? Thank you.
  2. Hello all, I'm writing a code to automatically select some nodes close to welding points to put them into a set to further post process it. I wrote most part of the code to select automatically a few types of welds, but I'm having problem to select the nodes for the weld representation below. The script just ask for the weld components and automatically select the nodes. The nodes showed on the figure have an specified distance from the weld toe but I still don't know how to use this distance to select what I want. Any ideas on how to achieve it? I can provide some piece of the codes if need.
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