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  1. This tutorial is quite clear about how to use equivalence to merge nodes. https://connect.altair.com/CP/kb-view.html?kb=186585
  2. Dear all, I am trying to connect a beam to a revolution joint, as showed in the figure. How can I create a node in the rev joint? Is it possible to connect the beam to center of the rev joint in any other way? Thanks.
  3. Dear all, I am simulating a crash of a wheel and tires in a rigid barrier. My tires are modeled as beams, shells and airbags. In my simulation the tires can "see" the barrier but the contact is happening a little after the tires touch the barrier, as in the figure. I believe it is a visualization problem. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  4. Dear all, I have a point (or node) in my surface that when I try to remesh that annoyng point creates a disturbance in my mesh. I know I can remesh manually that element but my surface is weel behaved and I would like it to make a good mesh automatically. That node was created automatically when I was creating some spotwelds and now I don´t know how to delete that. Does anybody know how to delete that point to my new mesh be well behaved. Thank you. I am sending a print screen of my problem.
  5. I could solve it. The nodes were not connected. Thanks
  6. tube.ktube.hm Dear all, I am trying to make a simple connection between a plate and a tube using spotweld but when I see the results, my spotwelding is missing and I lose the conection. Can anybody tell me where is the problem? Thank you. tube.k
  7. Dear all, How do I change the color of the selected line in HM? Going on Preferences>>Colors I can change almost all the colors of the program but I couldn´t find wher to change the color of the selected line and how I am using a white background I get a problem because by default the selected line is also colored as white. Thanks.
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