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  1. The Units for LS-Dyna are millimeter, millisecond, kilogram, kiloNewton, and GPa. Should I change only stress units?
  2. Uni Axial. And I have tried Max Principal, Abs Max Principal, and Von Mises. The HyperLIfe FE Units is MPa. Is their a way to change to GPa? I only see ksi and psi?
  3. Thanks for the response. I used the HvTrans program to convert the LS-Dyna D3Plot to Altair H3D file so I could capture all of the data. I can now run the simulation in HyperLife without the insufficient data error. The simulation runs through with no errors but their is no damage or life data and no contour on any of the components. The Damage Matrix and Rainflow Matrix show nothing as well Do you think the LS-Dyna model is still the problem in this scenario?
  4. I have converted my LS-Dyna D3plot into an Altair H3D file. When trying to run SN simulation it says I have insufficient data?
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