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  1. How can we undesrtad and find where the conflit of a resource occured. I faced a conflit by using tool extract surface but can`t identify exactly where it is and how to fix it. Please anyone can give me some help? I clearly undesrtand that something went wrong maybe it losted the surface selected earlier but I can`t reselect to fix the error.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply Sourav. I did runned the new simulation. It was exavtly the problem, I restored the defalut setting for locations for calculations and worked normally. I did made some changes on this trying to find the problem. Once more, thank you for your attention. Regards.
  3. Thank you Sourav. Yes HPDC process. What do you think was the problem for me be ale to run the simulation. Not Enough memory??
  4. Please anyone can give a reply? Should I install version 2019.1 a run this simulation? Any problem with 2019.3? regards
  5. Hi friends. I'm having problems to run a same simulation already done in 2019.1 on version 2019.3. See the pictures. Please can anyone advise asap. Thanks in advance. Best regards,
  6. Thank you Pau for your reply. I'll keep waiting for this resource, I have faced prospects that asked about this for Inspire Cast.
  7. There is a way to investigate the incidence of hot tearing on Inspire Cast? There is a result in the filling process in which we could investigate it?
  8. i can use as reference the color bar to identify regions in which I would understand as potential defects?
  9. Thank you Pau for you reply! So I would say that porosity is not a worry because they are placed just on the filling system as you can see in the image. I'm correct with this conclusion? I'm more worried about the micro-porosity and Nyama results, because i can see a beginning of incidence slicing the bar values when the color start to change from yellow to red (as you can see in the image). In your opinion this result represent a need to change something in the project or it can be considered as insignificant?
  10. Hi everyone! I would like to ask some help to interprete the results of my simulation regarding micro-porosity. Micro-porosity relates to the Niyama and also porosity but I couldn't to evaluate if in this simulation a problem of these mentioned will ocuur. If yes, what can I do to fix it? here is the file https://we.tl/t-j4pINRizqA
  11. Sourav, could please give a quick look at the results to help to identify the possible casting problems we can expect for this parameters set in this case? https://we.tl/t-j4pINRizqA
  12. Great Sourav. Thank you for the suggestion! Surely the content will help a lot, I'll right now to donwload and read. Regards,
  13. Thank you Sourav for all replies. I did finished the calculation, the simulation worked. I did made sure of the feed system overlap the product and think that this was the factor for the simulation be completed. Solidification process took around 20 minutes. Quite fast. Filling process took something about 5 hours I guess. Delayed a bit but worked. Thank you again for the support.
  14. A bit complex cooler system can increase the calculation time?
  15. Apropriated fase change point should be there, right? Can advise?
  16. Thank you Sourav for your quick reply. I have interrupt the process, guess the change fase point was inadequated. But another problem I've had. I found this error while calculating solidification only. Copud you please help to understand?
  17. Hi Everyone! It is normal a calculation for filling process to take more than 24 hous? I'm claculatting for HPDC process - materail Aluminum - 10 cavities in the mold.
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