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  1. Thank you Pau for you reply!

    So I would say that porosity is not a worry because they are placed just on the filling system as you can see in the image. I'm correct with this conclusion?


    I'm more worried about the micro-porosity and Nyama results, because i can see a beginning of incidence slicing the bar values when the color start to change from yellow to red (as you can see in the image). In your opinion this result represent a need to change something in the project or it can be considered as insignificant?

  2. Thank you Sourav for all replies. I did finished the calculation, the simulation worked. 


    I did made sure of the feed system overlap the product and think that this was the factor for the simulation be completed.


    Solidification process took around 20 minutes. Quite fast.

    Filling process took something about 5 hours I guess. Delayed a bit but worked.


    Thank you again for the support.

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