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  1. Hi Sourav, Thank you for the explanation. When will be available ver. 2020.X? Best regards.
  2. Hi Sourav, Look at the pictures. Default values: Used values: Best regards.
  3. Hi Sourav, the waves are no longer so strange, but the element size is not acceptable for a Raw part (!). Best regards.
  4. Hi Sourav, I run the simulations with version 2019.4. The velocity profile can be seen in the picture. Best regards.
  5. Hi, how can I avoid the strange waves in the shot sleeve (see pictures)? Thank you in advance for your response.
  6. Hi Sourav! 1. Can be observed air pressure, air temperature and air velocity in mold? 2. I'ts possible to observe only the hottest areas in the mold (not only the coldest areas)? Thanks in advance. Best regards,
  7. ViV

    RUN FAIL #2

    Hi uri! Some areas of your part cannot be filled completely, because the solidification process has already taken place. This part also requires a finer mesh. Best regards.
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