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  1. What does TM (TX, TY, TZ) stand for? Are they torque components (magnitude, around x axis, around y axis, around z axis)? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, i'm a very novice at MotionView so I apologize in advance if my questions may seem trivial. I have imported in MW a cad file (attached), my problem is: my cad file includes tires, but obviously these tires are not realistic (they are rigid bodies). I've put a jack plate to make wheels move up and down (to simulate for example a wheel that takes a hole) with the aim of estimate the force that will affect the frame. For this reason, tires cant be rigid bodies.. Is correct to use a spring dumper in order to have a better and more realistic representation of the wheel? Where to put it? Between a point, for ex the center of the wheel, and the jack plate or in place of the wheel? Ho to estimate k ad c coefficients? Or is there any other method? I think that the force on the frame, if the wheel takes a bump, won't be realistic if the wheel is simply a rigid body from a cad file: that's my problem! Thanks in advance. pulled truck.pdf
  3. I'm working in MotionView for the very first time, so I apologize if my problem may seem trivial. I've imported a geometry in motionview from a step file and consequently bodies have been created. How can I define points in order to, in a second step, specify joints? Some tutorials show that points can be created using a point table file, but how can I create this table? Is there a method to create it from my step file? Or is there another method to create points directly in MotionView? hope to receive some explanations. Thanks in advance.
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