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  1. Dear Community, I want to check if the following problem can be solve in a smart way: 7 different laminates (Lam) according to 7 properties are defined. Now, the assembly has many components with different laminate combinations: Component 1: Lam1+Lam3+Lam4 Component 2: Lam2+Lam3+Lam7 Component 3: Lam2+Lam5 ... and so on... (43 Components :) ) Is it really nessecary to define a laminate for each component or can I keep the defined laminates and combine them somehow? As allways, I would be exrtemly grateful if you could help me here! Best wishes Torsten
  2. Dear community, I am pretty new with Radioss and I want to ask the following: Is it possible to apply an initial velocity to a component along a defined vector? Thx for help
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