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  1. Hi, How i can convert the model from version to anther by python? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Thank you. Best regards.
  3. Hi, Can i use any number for slices? For example just two slice. thanks.
  4. Hello farid; I designed single phase induction motors and the result of values of the torque is very small the correct value for one motor is 3 N.m but the result is very small in the flux and the other motor the value of torque should be 3.5 N.m but the same problem the result of value given from altair flux is very small, so i ask about the reaons make the value of torque error thanks
  5. Hi, the iron length is 15 mm because this motor for fan, so it short, i need to know another reason to make the torque error thanks
  6. Hello farid; thank you for answer, what is the factors make the result of torque error? Thanks
  7. What is the benefit of infinite box? What are the equations to find end wending resistance, end wending inductance, end ring resistance and end ring inductance for single phase induction motor? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I will design it by drawing the motor not overlay , can i use the module skew? thanks.
  9. Hi, I want design induction motor with skewed bar rotor, is there any axample to do that? Can i make it by skew or 3d? Thanks
  10. Hi You mean if i have speed in rpm, i should convert it to rad/s by using this formula (rad/s) =[2*pi*rpm]/60 or the used speed is in rpm for example if i have speed = 245 rpm and power 75 w the torque equal to what? T=75/245 or T= 75/(2*pi*245/60)? yes i saw the example and make like it but i have the proplem in results, so i ask if there is reason to make torque have error value. thanks.
  11. Hi Thanks for advances, but my project is a single phase induction motor, are there reasons to make the value of torque error? The calculation of torque depends on any speed? The speed rpm or rad/s T=Pout/N(rpm) or T=Pout/w(rad/s) ? Thanks.
  12. Hi Abdessamed, can you check the attached file, i have error with the results in torque and current and can not know the reason, i attach the project and information about it, please help me. thanks. Information.rar 3.rar
  13. Hi, i used optimal method and the problem of convergence is solved but my results have error, the torque is very small and nagative. Are there any advice to solve this problem? thanks.
  14. hi dears, i make two designs of induction motors , with both design i have problem of convergence, i can not know where is the error, please can you check them and help me? 1.rar 2.rar
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