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  1. Rahul Do you have an estimate for fix? Mike
  2. I have been executing the Hyperstudy workflow exactly as per your video. It results in the Licence check error message as described in first post. To confirm that my Hyperstudy workflow was correct I did the following I use Hyperstudy Evaluate->Write to create the deck Execute the solve manually/interactively through Hyperworks the ALTDOCTAGS are appended and the solution succeeds Delete the solver outputs, leaving just the .rad files with the ALTDOCTAGS Run the Hyperstudy Evaluate->Execute step (NOT the Evaluate->Write) Results is a successfule RADIOSS.bat solve. The issue is that the RADIOSS.bat process does NOT append the ALTDOCTAGS required by the Student Edition licence My question is NOT how to run Hyperstudy, but IS "does the Student Edition licence allow RADIOSS to be used within Hyperstudy" If not, fair enough But if the licence should allow it then what can I do to remedy the situation
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