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  1. Hi. How can i do that? The solution that i was using was to create multiple reference axes with the x axis tangent to the tubular and asign manually to de tubular these orientations by sections. I must say that the tubular that i am using has not a perfect circular section (it is inside other pieces). Thank you
  2. This is the message. I tried to do the same geometry of the video and still doesnt work.
  3. Hi; When I wrote the first time I had already followed those steps. I dont know if the drape estimator requires certain geometries. I have not found yet the problem. Thank you for the response
  4. Hi everyone! I would like to know if there is any way to obtain a correcto orientation in a tubular structure, where every element should have the same orientation along the cylinder. There is an attached image that shows the tubular, but that is not the way I want. In my case, the tubular is not straight; it has curves along its axis. Also I would like to know if there is any restriction to use the drape estimator in terms of geometry, because every time i try to use it the message invalid template! Please check! appears (when i follow the altair video that shows how is it done!!!) Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Hi everyone. Every time I try to use the draping estimator a message pops up: "Invalid template! Please check!" I don't know where the problem migth be. Thank you !
  6. Hi! I really want to know if its possible to create a sandwich structure with a foam core in hypermesh (OPTISTRUCT). I don't know how can i define the core material and if it would be defined as a ply. I can not find any MAT with foam properties. Thank you all.
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