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  1. Thanks, I will begin to read them One more question about the previous model. Is there a limit where the solution is not going to converge. For displacementes higher than 5 mm aprx the analysis stops with the following error: *** ERROR # 4965 *** Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached, analysis aborted. Is there a way to solve it?
  2. As always, thank you very much Simon. Is there any page that you recommnend to learn to model in Hypermesh?
  3. I am going to share my actual fem model. It is very simple but I can not make it work. 1-It gives me the next problem: *** See next message about line 9518 from file: C:/Users/Usuario/Desktop/Respirador/30Diametro-saveas "MATHE 1" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. 2- Is it necessary to give thicknes in this type of analysis? 3- I am not sure about anything in the model. Probably there most thing are not well defined. If someone could revise it and give me feed back it would be perfect. Thanks again! 30Diametro.hm
  4. Hello everyone! I am working on a model with a diaphragm (membrane) that has to be deformed with the air pressure. It should have relatively high displacementes and strains. If someone can help me with the following questions I would appreciate it: 1- which kind of analysis should I choose? 2-How should I define the material properties and which propoerty should I use? 3-Is there any other difference to take into account that differentiates this analysis from a linear static one? (I have always worked with linear static) Thanks a lot
  5. Thank you very much Simon. Your answer leads me to another question. I did not know which theory was being used, so I tried to change the G1z and G2z (transverse shear modulus). The results of the analysis when those modulus were very low changed significantly. In the classical theory, isn't that not supposed to happen as the transverse deformations are not taken into account?
  6. Hello ! I am trying to find if there is a way to size the dimensions of the plays in my model. I am interested in knowing the dimensions that the prepreg material should have after the draping, but in case that is not possible I would be happy with the total surface of the play. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hello everyone!!! I would like to know which theory does optistruct use to solve the analysis with PCOMPP. Is it FSDT, CLT...? Thank you all very much!
  8. Hello PrasannaK, I have run the analysis several times and the problem persists. I don't know how to check if the load is appropiate; it is just a punctual force aplied in one node of the mesh. I am begining to think that this error has something to do with the PCOMPP, because it is pretty strange that all other stresses are given perfectly. Also, I have tried to change the G13 and G23 properties of the material, and the results vary. If there was not any z13 and z23 stresses the result should be the same. I am afraid I can not share the model, I am sorry. Thank you for your answer, and if there is something else you can share I will be happy to hear it!
  9. Can someone please tell me why there is no any shear stress in xz and yz in the picture. There is a puntual force applied. It was an extreme case to see if hyperview gave the yz xz components.
  10. Hello! I have to model a structure with carbon fiber. I am using de MAT8 and I cant find anywhere these 2 properties. Hypermesh can run the analysiswithout them, but I want to know how Hypermesh estimates the variables, and if they are well estimated.
  11. Hi. How can i do that? The solution that i was using was to create multiple reference axes with the x axis tangent to the tubular and asign manually to de tubular these orientations by sections. I must say that the tubular that i am using has not a perfect circular section (it is inside other pieces). Thank you
  12. This is the message. I tried to do the same geometry of the video and still doesnt work.
  13. Hi; When I wrote the first time I had already followed those steps. I dont know if the drape estimator requires certain geometries. I have not found yet the problem. Thank you for the response
  14. Hi everyone! I would like to know if there is any way to obtain a correcto orientation in a tubular structure, where every element should have the same orientation along the cylinder. There is an attached image that shows the tubular, but that is not the way I want. In my case, the tubular is not straight; it has curves along its axis. Also I would like to know if there is any restriction to use the drape estimator in terms of geometry, because every time i try to use it the message invalid template! Please check! appears (when i follow the altair video that shows how is it done!!!) Thank you very much for your help!
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