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  1. Hello, I am triying to work with H3D files, but I don't undertand somethings. I have some matrices that I want to put into a H3D file to use later in Fenfat. I have used this comands and the black parts are that ones I don't know how to used: 1) fid01 = createh3dfile('C:/Users/Base_A/000_Compose/Result_06.h3d'); 2) createh3ddatatype(fid01, 'DT scalar elem:nolayer nocorner', 'scalar', 'elem', 0, 0); 3) createh3dsubcase(fid01, 'Subcase_61M', {'SC1 Iteration 1'}) 4) writeh3ddata(fid01, 'Subcase_61M', 1, 'char', 0, 0, Elem_ID, y61M2); 5) closeh3dfile(fid01); Elemn_ID and y61M2 are two matricess column with the same dimensions --> [100000x1] % fid_ID = createh3dfile(filename) % createh3ddatatype(fid_ID, label, format, bind[, hasLayers, hasCorners]) % writeh3ddata(fid_ID, subcase, simulation, datatype, layer, corners, entities, data) % closeh3dfile(fid_ID) Any one know how to used this comnads?? The explain in the web doesn't help me. Thank you guys!!! Alex
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