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  1. My doubts are clear. Thanks for your time and reply! I would like one more detail regarding my first question. Suppose if I choose quasi static loading case with bending load as I mentioned with 300ms interval for every step, can I say that the engine runs an explicit quasi static analysis on my model?
  2. Hello, I am performing quasi static analysis for a truss work. I would like to clarify my following doubts. Could anyone please help me in this regard. 1. I have chosen the following control cards. My analysis runs and I am getting the result. But I would like to know what kind of analysis (implicit/explicit/ nonlinear/linear/ quasi static/impact) has been carried out with these card images that I have chosen (because I have not chosen any specific cards for quasi static or implicit linear or implicit non linear etc.)? 2. I want to do specifically a quasi static analysis. I have added the bending load curve with load application from 0 and ramp it to 10000N with 300milliseconds time interval. When I try to add the ENG_IMPL_QSTAT card to perform quasi static analysis, it shows me "segmentation violation" error. The same happens when i choose the ENG_IMPL_LINEAR card. I would like to know here the reason why I get the "Segmentation Violation" error and how do I perform quasi static analysis? 3. When I use Failure model for materials like "/FAIL/JOHNSON", what will the analysis run for? Will it run until the failure of the material happens? What type of analysis will be chosen? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the information and the tutorial
  4. Could you please share some pdfs or give me the procedure on how to connect using the type 2 tie contact?
  5. Endeavor


    Hello, it is more of a general question about the Radioss. I used optistruct before, where I know the type of analysis (whether linear or non linear) I am going to perform, by the choice I make at the load steps creation. How can I tell or choose the type of analysis in the Radioss.? Could anyone please help? Also, Could you give me more information on how can I create multiple load steps (as in Optistruct) in Radioss? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the tutorial. It was helpful. Would it be possible to create the same if the upper and lower plate shell elements are of different size(like elem size in upper plate = 20mm and in lower plate = 6mm? Because when I try, the connector is realized at one plate and not in the other plate.
  7. Hello, I need a help with procedure please.? I am able to create the adhesive brick elements mesh using optistruct (3D - connectors - area - "constant thickness" as Hexathickness - type "adhesives" ) in student version (Hypermesh 2019) (as in the image). But in Radioss ( Block format 140) (Hypermesh 2017.2), the same process is not working. While using the same procedure, I get the surface connector (as below) without thickness (even while creating through: 3D - connectors - area - "adhesive(contact)" as type). But I would like to create the brick elements. Also, I would like to do hexa positioning it with "mid thickness" option and I couldn't change the "shell gap" option to the "mid thickness" with the drop down (as shown in the highlighted below). Could anyone please tell me if it is possible and also how to create it in the Radioss.? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the help! It worked
  9. I meant this Geom as geometry tab. Thanks for your input. Now, I have created the property with respective thickness and assigned it to the component. Could you please tell me, if there is any way I can check whether the thickness has been assigned to the mesh elements? I do not see the 3D representation option in Hypermesh!
  10. Hello, I have created the mid surface of sheetmetal plate and have already meshed the mid surface with quad elements. In the geometry tab, I was able to give thickness to mid surface geometry. How can I apply the thickness to the elements in the mid surface mesh? Thanks and regards!
  11. Hello all, I am working on meshing a model in Radioss, where I need to create adhesive meshing (hexaelement) between sheetmetal parts and the beam. I found from the hypermesh documentation that the 1D - connectors - area is used to create the adhesives. I could not find any material/ tutorial online to do the same. Could you guys please help me with this? Thanks and Regards.
  12. Thanks for your reply @Rahul R. I will try these formulations to see if I can get a better result. and yes, I have applied manufacturing constraints (min. member size = 100mm; max. member size = 200mm; min. gap = 200mm + Extrusion). I would like to add symmetry through pattern grouping, but unfortunately extrusion+pattern grouping is not supported. Could you possibly know any other combination(s) of manufacturing constraints for better results.?
  13. I am optimizing the car frame by considering the entire design mass available with the help of Optistruct (you can imagine it as a hollow solid car body, separated into three compartments (first for engine, second for driver and seats and third for some payload). The parameters I set for the optimization are as follows: Boundary Conditions: Fixed support at fours wheel connections Forces: Bending, Torsional, lateral (braking) and gravitational forces Design variable: Element Density Design constraint: Static displacement for multiple load cases with an upper bound of 60mm. Objective: Minimum Mass Optimization Controls: Minimum Member size = 60mm, Discrete = 2, MATINIT = 0.6 and MINDENS = 0.00001 With these optimization formulation and controls, I am getting load paths of the car frame in the vertical directions but not in the horizontal direction. Could anyone please explain me what am I missing in the formulation? or Is there any other methods/ controls through which I can improve my optimization to find proper loadpaths?
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