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  1. Hi, I tried to reinstall it but unfortunately the problem is still present.
  2. Hi, for my thesis project I have the altair license, so I can use all the applications. I have the following problem, each time I open Motionview the error that you can see from the 1st picture occurs. In addition, each time I try to open a tutorial model it occurs another error, that you can see in the 2nd picture. I hope I was as clear as possible and thank you for your help. Luca Pietropoli
  3. Hi Raul, I don't have a student edition but the complete license for my period of thesis
  4. HI, I have a problem with Optistruct and Hypermesh. I select Optistruct as the desidered solver from Applications>User Profiles but when I run an analysis only it's generated the .fem file but Optistruct doesn't open and thereferore it doesn't work. The only way is to open manually Optistruct, load the .fem file and run the analysis. I hope I was as clear as possible and thank you for your help
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