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  1. I'll contact them, im on Mexico, but just wanted to know if I could get to do it easily. Anyhow, many thanks for your help!
  2. The Hypermesh.dir here is from the file called camara
  3. Good Evening, im writing to ask for support in this simulation once again, I made the setup in Hypermesh, and im trying to make the surface calles piston to move towards the outflow surfaces defined in the model. I´ve already set up a piecewise linear function multiplier for this translational movement and everything but the faces dont move properly, made one model with no gap between the walls and the faces and another one with gaps so the faces are disattached to the walls with gap parameters defined but it doesn´t work, i leave the models attached so somebody can check them out and give me some pointers. Thanks a Lot.
  4. Yeah I think is because of the version, because I couldn´t even import the .inp file, can you save the files in a 2018 version format or something? Thanks a lot!
  5. I think is because im using 2018 version not 2019. thanks for the help.
  6. I am Trying to open now the simulation to review the set up that you suggested but encountered this error, do you know what it is??
  7. Thank you for the information acupro! I'll try and work it out!
  8. Any information about how i can do this????
  9. I have an excel file that gives me the position vs crank angle, I attach it here Piston Position vs Crank Angle.xlsx
  10. Hello, i want to try and do a moving piston simulation using acusolve, I attached a drawing of how it moves, I want to see how the air enters the chamber and fills it up to see the pressure behaviour. My question is, where can I find information on how to set up a mesh that moves the face of the piston in the direction specified adding volume to the initial volume (like an extrusion of the mesh) and place a .csv file that tells the motion of said piston in the domain. Many thanks!
  11. thanks for the help ydigit. I can't upload the file due to intellectual property issues but that helped me right, is there a way to look at the probe points that are set up previously on hyperworks?
  12. hello ydigit thanks for the reply, the mesh I made in hypermesh was already in meters, since the dimensions I used for scaling the dimensions for the wind tunnel were in meters and the model was proportional to the tunnel, how do I open the .log files on hyperview? thanks again
  13. I'm leaving a picture of what the report shows so it's easier to understand. Thanks again
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