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  1. thanks for the help ydigit. I can't upload the file due to intellectual property issues but that helped me right, is there a way to look at the probe points that are set up previously on hyperworks?
  2. hello ydigit thanks for the reply, the mesh I made in hypermesh was already in meters, since the dimensions I used for scaling the dimensions for the wind tunnel were in meters and the model was proportional to the tunnel, how do I open the .log files on hyperview? thanks again
  3. I'm leaving a picture of what the report shows so it's easier to understand. Thanks again
  4. Hello, I'm new with the virtual wind tunnel with accusolve analysis, I am having some trouble with the post-processing of the results, since the pdf file that it exports doesn't have any image or anything about the results and the cross-section areas and probes that I had set up previously and I don't know a way to view the results in a post-processing software like hyperview for example. How can I view my results? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I´m experimenting with optistruct and I am trying to do a direct transient analysis combined with a fatigue analysis but I am struggling with the setup, since the loading comes from a .csv file I made with a sinusoidal shape and magnitude and just place a force of magnitude 1 acting on a component. the direct transient analysis setup is correct and runs, but there's an error with my fatigue setup, does someone know how to set up a fatigue analysis from a direct transient analysis? or have some documentation? Thanks!
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