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  1. Hello everyone, The simulation for the steel is conform to the experimentation... However, it is not the case for the aluminium... (With my Drop Weight Tester, I have 10 mm of displacement and the simulation gives 5 mm)... Have you got any ideas ? Kind regards Valide1212(2).hm
  2. It works ! Thank you for everything Hyperman... See you for another issues... hmm...! Challenges ! Pegase33
  3. Hi, Thanks ! The calculation is in progress. Will see if it works ... Pegase33
  4. Hi Hyperman, It is ok for the first point. It solved everything. However I do not know how to find the number of the master node of a rigid element ? Then I can choose the node "by id". Pegase33
  5. Hi Hyperman, Thank you for your answer. I will try to do it. I keep you inform, Pegase33
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to do a simulation of a rigid projectile (here a ball...) impact on sheet metal (or other material). I have already done an experimental test with an INSTRON Drop Weight Testers. For information, it is my first crash simulation. The goal is to compare the results between simulation and experimental test. In a further point, it will be to analyse the rupture phenomenon. I have created a ball and a sheet that I have meshed and done everything about the parameters but... I have got two major errors : error in solid property : 226 - 312 error in initial penetration in interface : 612 I have tried to search some information and correct the mistakes but... still not ok... Someone can help me ? I will really appreciate your advice ! Kind regards, Pegase33
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