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  1. Thanks a lot for your help Chris! Now it's working after I changed the Integrator Settings as adviced. I've got another question, hopefully somebody can help because I couldn't find any tutorials to this theme: I used a Flexbody to see stresses on the robot arm. Is it possible to create a plot (maybe in HyperGraph) which shows the maximum stress over the time? Further, is it possible to export the data to Excel or another table format? Regards Flo
  2. Hi all, there's another problem now. I changed one part to a flexbody, now the Simulation stops when the joint is deactivated. If I change the part back to rigid body, the simulation runs without failure. Where could be the problem? I guess the error comes from the template or the sensor or the combination of these two, see following my current setting: Sensor: `DM({the_model.m_0.idstring},{the_model.m_1.idstring})` Signal is lass than VALUE + ERROR Return to Command file and in my template I've got the following: <Deactivate element_type = "JOINT" element_id = "5000" /> <Simulate analysis_type = "Transient" end_time = "12.00" print_interval = "0.01" /> <Deactivate element_type = "JOINT" element_id = "{j_11.idstring}" /> <Deactivate element_type = "JOINT" element_id = "{j_12.idstring}" /> <Deactivate element_type = "SENSOR" element_id = "{the_model.sen_0.idstring}" /> <Activate element_type = "JOINT" element_id = "5000" /> <Simulate analysis_type = "Transient" end_time = "20.00" print_interval = "0.01" /> <Stop/> Following a picture of the Model, the red robot arm is the flexbody. The Roboter lifts the box, rotates for 90 degrees, set the box down to the ground and rotates back. But with the flexbody it's not rotating back due to a failure message. WARNING: Repeated abnormal return from integrator! ERROR: At time=9.877E+00 the integrator failed to proceed. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards, Flo
  3. Hi Community, is there anybody who is able to help me? I tried to import the Loads, it was successful, but they were not attached to anything I guess, if I run a calculation the result is zero, so I think the Loads aren't attached to the components / nodes. Do you know how to realize this? Further I also summarized some Loads into one load with card image 'LOADADD', but that was still not running. Thanks in advance for your help and best regards, Flo
  4. Hi Community, see following link for my problem... To summarize, I'd like to export Loads from MotionView and import them into Hypermesh, to see and calculate stresses and accordingly optimize the part with Optistruct. I extracted the forces (with the help of tutorial MV-3030) but I am unable to import them in Hypermesh. what should I pay attention to when exporting and importing the loads? Are there any tips and tricks to get it working, e.g. regarding the model file (see error in my previous topic)? Is there a special procedure how to do that? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Flo
  5. Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. This is what I already did, but I've got some problems to get these extracted loads into Hypermesh. There is following error while importing the Loads: ... Error: Unable to find load id 2794 to attach attribute to. Resolution: Attribute data ignored. Error: Node 0 was not found in model. Resolution: Entities attached to this node will be skipped. ... Error is repeating. I searched in the forum and in the tutorials but didn't find anything. I hope you can help. Regards Flo
  6. Hi, thanks a lot for the tip with Inspire, I will clarify with my professor if it's possible this way. Is there another way using MotionView and Hypermesh in combination, as described in my first post? Regards Flo
  7. Hi Community, I am currently working on a project to optimize the topology of an robot arm. Specification is as follows: Rigid bodies, extract forces by using MotionView, optimize robot arm with Hypermesh / Optistruct. Attached a picture of the roboter, the red robot arm is the one to optimize. Therefore I made a simulation with MotionView - Robot picks a cube, lifts, rotates and puts it back down, then it rotates back without the cube. To get the forces acting on this robot arm (or on the 2 joints of the robot arm) I placed 2 Outputs on the joints. Now I used the tutorial MV-3030: Load Export to get these forces. I tried to import these in Hypermesh to use it for optimization, but I don't know how. My questions: - How to get forces / loads from MotionView to Hypermesh? - Is the procedure I am trying currently correct or is there another way to optimize a part? - What's the usual procedure to solve a problem like this? - I found out that there's the Equivalent Static Load Method, but it's only usable with flexible bodies... is there a possibility to use it with rigid bodies? Thanks in advance and best regards, Flo
  8. Hi Chris, thanks a lot for your help. I think I got it now, I realised it with templates. I've got some further questions regarding load/force extraction, and some other, but I will open a new topic because it's related to topology optimization. Regards Flo
  9. Hi Chris, thanks for your quick reply. I've seen and inspected the MV-04 Robot Arm and I wonder that there's no template used? I think the easier way to get to the result I am looking for ist the one with the template. I try to explain my attempt: - fixed joint between arm and cube - marker at the starting point (center of the cube, linked with cube) and the end point of the rotation (90 degrees difference, linked with ground) - Revolute joint between ground and arm, motion on this joint - fixed joint between cube and arm For better explanation I attached my data. Could you please have a look at it and try to find my mistakes? Thanks a lot! Best Regards Flo Test_Arm.zip
  10. Hi Community, I am fairly new in using MotionView and I am currently trying to simulate a simple arm of a roboter, which picks a cube and rotates 90 degrees. After rotation, the cube should be dropped and the arm should rotate back to starting position. Now to my first try: - fixed joint between arm and cube - marker at the starting point and the end point of the rotation I tried to solved the problem using the tutorial MV-1051 (sequential motion) but it's not exactly like I wanted to. I used a template like in MV-1051 and tried to adapt it, but it didn't work. Could you please advise how to proceed in such a case? Thanks in advance and if you need further information, just let me know. Best regards, Flo
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