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  1. Hi all, I am using the WinProp API. When I output the Rays.str file in a SRT simulation I cannot get the transmission matrix values as provided by the GUI. Could anyone tell me if I am missing any parameter in the API? This is what I get with the GUI: This is what I get with the API: I would like to have the transmission matrix values as well.
  2. AAU

    RSS Values

    Okay I see. The problem is that I think that maybe that result is not accurate enough (maybe I am wrong). I am interested in seeing the pattern of the distribution of the RSS along the prediction plane.
  3. AAU

    RSS Values

    Okay I see. The problem is that I think that maybe that result is not accurate enough (maybe I am wrong). I am interested in seeing the pattern of the distribution of the RSS along the prediction plane.
  4. AAU

    RSS Values

    Actually, I am trying to manipulate the .str file. The only thing is I do not really know how to get the received power by using the data it provides. My best thought is by using the transmission matrix coefficients (real part and imaginary part) add all the values of every path for every specific measuring point, then get the modulus for multiplying it to the transmitted power. Then the result should be converted from Watts to dbm, but honestly I do not know if this is correct enough. I am trying to compare obtaining these values in this way and the ones provided by the ASCII file from Winprop and it does not coincide. So I guess my interpretation is not good. Would you suggest how to do it with the provided data in .str file? Thank you so much for your attention.
  5. AAU

    RSS Values

    Hello to everyone, I would like to know how the program is calculating the RSS values on Prediction Planes (last column): Guessing that the receivers behave in a linear way, in every measuring point, the amplitude and the phase contribution (which is a complex number) of every ray path (using SRT) obtained in the output logs of the transmission matrix should be summed up. Then we can calculate the modulus of the resulting complex number and 10log(abs(result)) for determining the RSS in dbm (maybe I am wrong). Would this be correct? I need to get the RSS values in this way instead of using the output log of the above image because I am trying to combine the results of two transmitters into every measuring point, so the only way to do it is by combining all the measurements in every specific point. Basically, I want to have in the same result file, the contribution of both transmitters instead of one file per transmitter.
  6. Hi all, I am trying to simulate different positions of an obstacle using the winprop api. In order to do it: I am using the attribute TimeInstance of the class WinProp_Additional in order to change the time step. I do not why when I open the result with the GUI, I realise the obstacle is not changing its position. Is there something that I am missing? (obviously the value of i is being updated I just did not include it on the image) Thanks in advance.
  7. Yes, okay the only way to avoid that bug is using directly the API. Then it works.
  8. Hi all, I am trying to make predictions in an automatic way with the GUI. So I define a time-variant object in WallMan and predict the results in WinProp. The problem I have realised is that every simulated step changes the horizontal plane prediction, but the arbitrary prediction planes I have defined remains constant from the first time step. Is there something I have missed? Or is it not possible to reflect changes due to motion on arbitrary prediction planes? Thanks in advance.
  9. Problem solved. In case someone is interested: When I installed the Feko + Winprop software I pointed the environment variable to the license server. However, when using the API you need to configure it as a Windows enviroment variable to make it work.
  10. Now this is the problem that I have:
  11. I got the solution. The problem was it must be specified "set up as startup project" in the actual project. By default is placed on "ALL_BUILD" which is incorrect.
  12. Yes, I was aware of that and I tried as administrator. However the problem persists.
  13. Hi, I am trying to run the indoor_propagation.cpp example on Visual Studio. I have used cmake for creating the VS project but when I try to just run the example, I get the following error: Is there any step I am skipping? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello to everyone, I am trying to see the visual changes in measurements along the walls of an indoor scenario due to an obstacle. Would it be possible to "export" the images of the prediction planes? I mean something like this: Kind of obtaining an image of the wall or "slicing it" from the 3D scenario (Sorry for my innacurate explanation). Thank you in advance.
  15. Okay, thank you so much. The thing is that the position is not changing when checking that so I must have configured something poorly.
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