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    Hi I am quite new in the forum and I have a general question: why I cannot send a prive message to anyone?
  2. Hi Ciro, I am very interesting in your model. In fact I am statrting to investigate how simulate a stepper motor in Flux but I am not so skilled in Flux. It is possibel to have your model? Also a dummy or not deatailed model could be very usefull!! Thank you very much
  3. Hi everyone, I am tring to run my first AcuSolve model. I tried to follow the tutorial "ACU-T: 3000 Enclosed Hot Cylinder: Natural Convection" but when I run the simulation I obtain this error: acuPrep: *** ERROR: Duplicate id 0 Do you have any idea? In attachment my model. ACU3000_HotCylinder_Mio.hm
  4. I am using always the same verison... I cannot share the model but I can share the restart files if is useful..
  5. Dear all, I run a simulation two days ago but after few hours the workstation restsrts. Now I want to restart the simulation but the solver gives the this error: MESSAGE ID : 146 ** ERROR : RESTART FILE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION ERROR TERMINATION Hoe can I sole the problem? In attachment my out file. Modello_12_wFail_0002.out
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