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  1. Hello, Thanks for your answer. The problem you said happens after building the electrical loop cut. Before I built it, I have checked the geometry and physic. There were no errors. I used the automatic create of cuts. So I don't know how can I solve this problem. This problem comes from automatic electric loop cut, doesn't come from my modell.
  2. By the way, the error happens after building the electrical loop cut.
  3. Hello, I have build a 3D Modell of a electrically excited synchronous machine. It has a winding support and end cap at the end of machine. By solving an error happend, "Non managed error". I have checked the modell several times. But I can't find the causes of this errror. Could someone help me to solve it? Thanks for your help. Teilmodell.FLU.rar
  4. Hallo, I have built a 3D Modell of a electrically excited synchronous machine. During the solving a problem happend " Conductive region : SIGMA must be <> 0Impossible to continue to solve problemIncoherence of physical properties". It can not be solved. But I dont know why it happens. Modell_Auto_Mesh.FLU.rar
  5. Hi Alejandro, Thanks for your help. How can I send you my project? Directly upload it on this forum, or you give me your Email? Best regards
  6. I'm using flux 3D for my master thesis. But I met a problem about electric terminal of coil conductor region. When I assigned the terminal, the error happend. It is " On each volume of this region, the number of points on input faces must be equal to the number of points of the output faces and to the number of lines between the input and output faces. Please, modify the geometry of each volume of this region to resolve correctly this problem." But this volumen was built by extrusion. So I think the number of points and lines must be equal. How can I solve this problem? Now I use non meshed coil to take place of these coil conductor regions. But the shape of non meshed coil is not the same as the origninal coils. I don't know, whether the shape of non meshed coil can affect the field?
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