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  1. Hello, I get caught on a simple welding. I have two components meshed with 3D elements. Now I just want to create a simple weld to connect both meshes, no more. I used 3D -> Connectors -> Seam Then I selected some nodes where the weld should be. I activated "reatin nodes", connect to components with elements, tolerance to 5 and as type weld. But it does not connect the two meshes this way. How does it work?
  2. I have attached a model, where it does not work as well. It is just an example. So it has to do with the setup. Model.hm
  3. Does no one have an answer?
  4. Hello, I try to connect two meshes with connectors to simulate a weld. I have spot connectors with type rod. Then I defined a new property with PWELD and steel as material and assigned it to the connectors component. It is to connect two steel beams. When I now want to run OptiStruct, I get Error 902: *** ERROR # 902 *** Weld uses an ALIGN connection type and GA (or GB) is not a vertex grid of a shell element. CWELD element id = 313472. GRID id = 63648. Can someone help me?
  5. Hello, I have a problem with OptiStruct. When I am doing OptiStruct, the process works fine without any errors. If I want to open results afterwards, I get the error "File [...].mvw not found". But this file is created in exact this folder. If I try to open it manuelly, HyperView crashes. I have tried another model, there everything works fine. Can someone help me?
  6. Hello, I was doing a modal analysis with HyperMesh. I have done the same steps as in this instruction. When I finally do OptiStruct, the solver runs without error message. At the end it says "Jobs completed". But when I want to see the results in HyperView, I get the message, that there is no .h3d-file found. I looked up in the folder and there was no .h3d-file created. I do not know why because there is no error shown. It works this way: If I do not create a second load collector and set the card image of constraints to EIGRL, then a .h3d-file is created. So the problem might be something with the constraints and the EIGRL load collector. But the steps I did are the same as in the instruction above. Can someone help me? Greetings
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