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  1. Dear, I would like to inquire about the absorption rate test of building materials to the signal, does your company have any publications in any journals? thanks!
  2. Ring

    Version 2020

    Hello, I am using the Winprop2020 version of the software recently. Can I use the API in the educational version? It seems that invalid license appears in the test example code. In addition, I would like to ask whether in the 2020 version, can a large number of urban simulations be performed with API !?
  3. Because I want to know the influence of base station on co-channel interference。 I conducted the following experiment.I use a single base station and two base stations to simulate. I found that even if I place more base stations, the software does not have the same frequency interference calculations. Is it possible to experiment on winprop? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello, because I use Winprop to output cell.txt I found that the output content is slightly different. How can I get the RSRQ related information And show Carries in the figure below? Thanks!
  5. Can an updated tutorial be provided after the 2020 version is released?
  6. Since I want to simulate a base station above 26Ghz, I can't find a tutorial on how to create it. And there is no .wst file above 26Ghz, can I help you solve it?
  7. The 2019 version is still the same........
  8. I followed 5G_Network_Plaining_v2019.ppt page15~16 but there was a problem with Iah. What should I do if my version is 2018? I can't continue...... PLS HELP.....
  9. How do I make my map have height after importing the OSM file?
  10. Dear zad, Have you already solve this problem?? I have same problems as well.... Its need step by step lecture to me....
  11. Hello mvogel, Can you please send me the tutorials as well. Email: yingtlu815@gmail.com Thank you.
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