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  1. Hello,


    I am trying to extract the midsurface of the model but it takes a lot of time and after a while says memory is full.

    I need the geometry as it is because it is part of my crash setup and this is the main profile under Investigation. I need to convert it into 2D for Shell Elements.

    What should I do? 

    Please help!


    Kind Reagrds,



  2. Hello All,


    I am trying a crash Simulation of crash box for a round edged profile. I am referring to a previously simulated model and I have kept all the Parameters same. Still, the Deformation of the crash box seems to be wrong as the Deformation starts at a Point from the wrong side. This is also giving me wrong Peak force values.

    Please help!


    Thank You!



  3. Hi!

    I have created spot welds from connectors in Hypermesh and I have also assigned properties and materials to them.

    However, when I open them in HyperCrash, it is not visible and shows as a void in the part.

    I have also created bolts in the same way and they are visible in HyperCrash.

    What can be the problem?





    In HyperCrash


  4. Hi!

    I have changed the mesh and also fixed the base plate. I cannot change the size of the impactor because this is the same we are going to experiment with.

    However, even now the same problem persists. I have also tried with the imposed displacement for my new model and it also does not run properly.

    Where am I going wrong? Please help!




  5. Hello!

    I am trying to do a crash simulation and I have meshed all the parts. However, when I open the radioss file in HyperCrash, it shows me intersections.

    I have tried using Type 7 and Type 24 contact with all the required parameters and stilll facing the same issue.

    I need all the parts to be connected to each other. What can I do?


  6. Hello!

    I am trying to simulate a crash box and I am also getting results. But the Simulation Shows no movement and Deformation of the crash box. 

    Also, the error % varies between 0 and -8%. What can I do to get the Deformation of the crash box? Also, how to reduce the error %? 

    I have checked my material and property values as well.

    Thank You!


  7. Hello!

    I am currenlt using Hypermesh to simulate a crash box. My model has Zero intersections and penetrations and the model check also Shows Zero Errors.

    During Simulation, the error keeps on fluctuating negatively  between 0 and -2% and the dm/m value is also very low but constant=3.4636e-02

    In the Simulation file, only one Animation file is being created i.e. A001. How can I Change the model to obtain the further Animation files?

    Thank You!


  8. Hello,

    I am currently using Hypercrash to simulate a crash box model. I am getting Zero intersections and penetrations and the model check also Shows Zero Errors. 

    During Simulation, only one Animation file is being generated i.e. A001. Also, the error keeps increasing in negative and the dm/m Ratio is also very low but constant.

    What can be done to get the further Animation files like A002,03,etc?

    Thank You!


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