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  1. You can use Multiscale Designer with EDU License for 2019.1 and later versions.
  2. You can follow below pictures.
  3. As I can see from the image, there is an error in the flow volume definitions. I can help if you share the model with .iem extension.
  4. -Hello . I have examined the model you have submitted and saw that there are 3 solidification and 1 filling analysis solutions . I am wondering if the solutions in the model are the solutions made on your friends' computers? -While examining the model, I noticed that there is a problem in the definition of the gate. -At this stage, I made the necessary adjustments and analyzed the model. I am sharing the .icast files of the model ready for solution and the solution is finished. If you start the analysis in the ready-made model, if you get the same error, you can rewrite it. I also recommend you to do tutorials and review the video in the link below to get better information on the subject. ReadyforSolving.icast Solved.icast
  5. Hello Buse, I can help if you send the model in .icast format
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