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  1. Really useful information!!! Thank you very much
  2. Hello, I want to simulate a composite sandwich, with a 3d core and insert, and 2d laminate. I have selected for the 3d core MAT9ORT for material and PSOLID for the property, but none of them allowed to me to introduced a failure criteria. How could I do it?
  3. Thank you for the information I have introduced the values and the simulation runs correctly
  4. Hello, I have been trying to simulate a sandwich panel with aluminium core, insert and carbon fiber laminate. I have introduced the following values for carbon fiber and core: I have also defined the failure criteria in properties as TSAI. I believe everything is correctly defined, however when I run the simulation the following error appears: *** ERROR # 144 *** CPYRA element 155981 has singular strain functions. Please check material data. Anybody could help me please?
  5. I have made a equivalence and the simulation runs correctly. Thank you It is mandatory to separate in two design spaces? Or it is possible to perform only with one volume?
  6. Hello, I have been trying to make an optimization of a hardpoint. I want to optimize the weight under load applied in grey zone . I have introduced all the parameters of the optimization (Response, Constraint, Objective and design variable). But the following error appears when I run the simulation: *** ERROR # 312 *** In static load case 1 the compliance is negative or large -1.96593e+012. Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed. due to possible rigid body mode. FEASIBLE DESIGN (ALL CONSTRAINTS SATISFIED). Could you help me with this error please, and also could you verify if the 3d model is correct, or I have to make only one volume? I attach the hm file as well Than you in advance Front_Damper_V3.hm
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