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  1. Thank you for the clarification, now I understand the concept
  2. Yes, I have it, I have checked it there I attached both files, freesize and size .out Free size.out Size.out
  3. Yes, constraint violation is 0 in freesize and also in size optimization. Moreover at the end of the simulation appear the message: Feasible design (all constraints satisfied) what let me think the process is correct. Is this output value what you refer with design constraint violating?
  4. Hello, I have been performing an optimization of carbon fiber monocoque. I set up the compliance as an objective to minimize to maximize the stiffness. However, I have realized that compliance increase as the optimization progresses. I have checked the tutorials of optimization and the same happened. Should this value not be decreased? Thank you
  5. Hello, I want to make an optimization of a carbon fiber monocoque. I have the model ready with a total laminate implemented. However, tutorials about optimization have a symmetric laminate. It is possible to perform the optimization with a total laminate? Thank you
  6. Hello, I am trying to perform a carbon fiber monocoque optimization. I have made freesize and the result is logic. However, when I make the size optimization, the output file (fem) has no core, only the carbon fiber layers and the non design laminate. I have put manufacture thickness of the plies, including the core, update the laminate and control card. Anybody knows why this could happened? Thank you
  7. Yes, I have changed to composite size and update the new laminate. I do not modify neither responses nor constraints because are the same than on free size. I thought that the element thickness have not to change because I have followed a tutorial made by Altair of carbon fiber monocoque and the thickness of the size optimization was almost the same than on free-size. However, I have checked the upper weight constraint and are respected. So I understand that the process is correct and the optimization is also correct. Thanks for the information, I do not know how exactly an optimization works.
  8. Hi, I am trying to perform an monocoque optimization. I make the first step, freesize optimization, and the maximum thickness on last iteration is 9.5. After changing control card to SZTOSH, update the laminate on desvar and also introduce the manufacture thickness, I run size optimization. However, the element thickness decrease instead of keep almost the same but with a multiple number of the manufacture thickness. I have realized that the first iteration on size has the thickness of the last iteration on freesize (9.5) maybe is something wrong on the setup. Could anybody help me please? Thank you
  9. Hello, I am trying to perform an optimization in a carbon fiber monocoque. I am doing the tutorial OptiStruct for Composite Analysis & Optimization available on youtube and also in pdf. The problem I have is to acquire the ouput of the analysis with design variable and also plies as it can be seen in the pictures below. The tutorial is made by an older version of hypermesh and the newest one has another control card configuration (see picture below). In tutorial, freq is changed to YES. However, only last option is available in version 19. Could anybody help me please? Thank you Regards, Dani
  10. Very useful information. Thank you
  11. Hello, I am trying to set up a hypermesh model to export and simulate to Ls-Dyna. The model is a carbon fiber nose cone which I want to make a frontal impact test. I do not know which card image I have to use for carbon fiber, there are some of them that maybe work: I believe the best option is the MATL59, but I am not sure. Anyone could help me please? Thank you
  12. I have made the model again and run in other computer. I have had the same error but it has been easy to solved it. So, the model is now run correctly. Thank you very much
  13. Yes, I am using the latest version. I send to you via dropbox the files. The forum do not let me upload
  14. Yeah. I attach it Monocoque_Freesize_2_Laminate.out
  15. Hello, I am trying to perform an optimization in a carbon fiber monocoque. I am with the first phase, the free sizing. But I have the following error: *** ERROR # 583 *** Missing objective, DESGLB and DESSUB data must be used together with an objective function defined by DESOBJ, MINMAX, or MAXMIN. I have been checking all the optimization parameters and I have defined all of them (see picture), so I do not know what it is failing. Anybody could help me please? Thank you
  16. Hello, After selecting all the different cards I need but the icon of output global request is highlighted in red instead of being highlighted in green. As a result the model is working but after completing the simulation the only results available are the default ones. So I would like to know if there is any solution to this problem or how the problem should be fixed. Thank you in advance
  17. Problem solve it, I have check and repair the wrong connections. Thank for you support. Robert, the mesh is not showed in this picture but is there. The nodes are also connected to the green structure with more than one node, but is not visible in the picture. Anyway thanks for you reply
  18. Problem solve it, Thank you However I have an additional problem, the right panel (Geometry, 1D...) moves to the right, as you can see in the picture. I have seen in another thread that for solving it, I have to delete same files (comand.tcl, hmmenu.set....) of the main directory. When I delete it, the first problem is solved it but disappear some information like plies (picture below) Could you tell me how could I solve this problem please? Thank you
  19. Hello, I am trying to perform a monocoque analysis with the suspensions system included. I follow the next steps: - I have introduced the nodes of each point and I have joined it with lines. - Then I have meshed the lines in an independent component with line mesh option - I have created nodes in monocoque holes (Where would be the attachment) - I have created a rigid (RBE2) between the bar and monocoque nodes - I have created a rigid (RBE2) between monocoque nodes and surrounding nodes - I have created a load on the monocoque and a constraint at the end of the suspension bar In the picture below, it can be seen the suspension modelation (There are some missing nodes due to visualitation problem) After that, I have tried to simulate and the following error appear: *** ERROR # 723 *** An invalid rigid element. This RBE2 is not connected with any structural element. RBE2 element id = 1041945 independent grid id = 1040450 Note: If this rigid element is also connected with other rigid elements, then this error means that there is rigid body mode or mechanism remained in this rigid element chain due to lack of connected structural elements. Could anybody help me please? Thank you
  20. Helo, I have perform a carbon fiber model with a suspension. I have inserted nodes to create the suspension system. But, sometimes when I save the file o I click return of one option, a great amount of nodes disappear and I have to start the whole process. Anybody knows what could be the problem? Thank you
  21. Hello, Firs of all, I have modified the length of the set to include more than the radius, to not stop in the limit. As you can see in the picture below: Anyway, The specific problem is that I want to introduce different thickness laminates in the same body. I have different sets to make it. But in this limit, with the radius, the laminate is wrong. In real mode, there is a chamfer in this place and the internal radius does'nt exist. I have tried to share with you the model. Altough the size is smaller than the maximum allowed, it give me an error
  22. Hello, I am trying to perform a carbon fiber monocoque analysis. I have checked the element normal and also the material orientation and are correct. However, when I make the laminate, I have the following problem in the radius: Anybody could help me, please? Thank you
  23. Really useful information!!! Thank you very much
  24. Hello, I want to simulate a composite sandwich, with a 3d core and insert, and 2d laminate. I have selected for the 3d core MAT9ORT for material and PSOLID for the property, but none of them allowed to me to introduced a failure criteria. How could I do it?
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