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  1. I have got it! Thanks a lot:)
  2. But I have now met another problem. I am simulating the antenna which was fabricated on a pcb. So the cable is actually flat instead of cylindrical. I have redrawn the whole antenna and try to simulate it. This time I have stitched all the faces and union them. The triangle edges was set to 0.001. However, I did not get the same result. I wonder if you have any idea. antenna_14mm_flat.cfm antenna_14mm_flat.cfs antenna_14mm_flat.cfx antenna_14mm_flat.pre
  3. Thank you so much for such a fast respond. I did set double precision but the warning still remained. But at least I have got the inductance as 2.7uH. Thanks a lot!
  4. Sorry there is one more question. I found these warnings in the output file: WARNING 510: Imaginary part of the impedance is large thus the real part will be inaccurate WARNING 509: Reactive power large thus real power is inaccurate Do they have a big impact on the results? Is there anything I can do with them?
  5. May I ask how do you find those unaligned mesh? Or should I stitch all the faces together? Do I need to delete the edges? Moreover, I found that in POSTFEKO, the model will become cubical. Is this normal?
  6. I am sorry I must have uploaded the wrong file. Attached should be the right one. GeomImport1 is wire and GeomImport2 has edges and faces. first pcb coil 28mm dia..SLDPRT.x_t
  7. Is there any method for improving meshing? If the import CAD is a wire, is there a method to allow CADFEKO to recognize it as a wire so I could perform meshing by using wire segments instead of triangles? Or do you have any recommendations on improving the meshing for such model? thanks a lot!
  8. In my understanding, more triangles means the solution is more accurate. Am I correct? But I have built the model in real life and measured the inductance of the model. It is 2.68uH. Does it mean my mesh for the "solidworks" model was incorrect?
  9. Hi there. I have met a few problems with importing geometry from Solidwork. As I am using the student version, I have imported solidwork file to CADFEKO in parasolid format. I am looking for the inductance of the model so I have meshed the model and solved it to obtain the output file. In the output file, it only shows the capacitance of the model: Then, I have built a similar model using CADFEKO. But this time it shows the inductance of the model is 2.7uH. The dimensions, model extent, voltage source, frequency used in both files are the same. I expected the results from both files would be similar. At least both of them should have inductance shown in the output file. Why there is such a big difference in the results? Is there anything I have done wrong? spiral coil import from solidworks.cfs spiral coil import from solidworks.fek spiral coil import from solidworks.out spiral coil built using CADFEKO.cfx spiral coil built using CADFEKO.fek spiral coil built using CADFEKO.out spiral coil.x_t
  10. I could only find the impedance under Source data. I found either capacitance or inductance in the OUT file but is there a way to compute both of them?
  11. Hi there, I am trying to design an NFC antenna using FEKO therefore I would need to know the inductance of the antenna in order to match the resonant frequency 13.56MHz. How can I calculate the inductance of the antenna using FEKO? I found sometimes it appears in output file but sometimes there is none.
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