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  1. Thanks Tinh, Let me check it once. I have another query on same line. I am checking for free 1d in my check macro. However if displayed part done have any free 1D it gives error and macro stops there. Is there any option to set criteria where if run part of macro to check free 1D only if there is 1D elements present in the displayed model. I am using below command hm_markclear elements 1 hm_markclear elements 2 *evaltclscript "pamcrash2G/pamcrash2G_proc.tcl" 0 *setactivepage 17 *evaltclstring "::Pamcrash2G::mask_plinks" 0 *createmark elements 1 "displayed" *createmarklast elements 1; *elementtestfree1d elements 1 2 I want this function to execute only if there is 1D element present in the display mode.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am new to scripts on HM and learning from examples and tutorials. I want to make macro to check element quality of displayed elements i.e. Min/Max angle, Mi/Max length, duplicates etc in single shot. I am able to create macro to check and highlight nodes on issues elements. However I would like this macro to popuo window and share statement about quality. As of now I am using hm_usermessage "number of element sides failing for max lentgth= $n " This is overwriting previous message and I am able to see only last check details on HM page. Is there any option which will create text box and write all criaterial by appending previous check and give show as check summary. Thanks in advance. Vikas Singh
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