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  1. Hey Tudormasalar,


    Was your problem resolved? We have encountered the same issue i.e. the code gen download error(Target Open Failed).

    There are ideally two drivers in the Device manager of your PC. 

    1) XDS100 Class Auxiliary Port

    2) XDS100 Class Debug Port

    The second one is not visible in my PC. was your problem the same? If your problem was solved, then please tell me how you did it.



  2. Hey Tudormasalar,


    Did you find solution to your problem? Even we encountered the same error.

    There are ideally two drivers which are in visible in the device manager of PC, 1) XDS100 Class Auxiliary Port, 2) XDS100 Class Debug Port. The second driver is not visible in my PC.

    Did you face the same issue? if your problem was solved, please tell me the solution.



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