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  1. Hi Dujaya, a new update for the Feko + WinProp package has just been published. In my case, it seems to have solved the license problem, but I am still experiencing the error on the skipped computations. I hope it will solve your license issue too.
  2. Hi mvogel, Thank you for the recommendations. I confirm that my license is standalone (node-locked, without the word "count" in it). I checked the license troubleshooting instructions and all the license settings had already been correctly set. I would like to report that the described license issue emerges only into the ProMan software. All the other software into the Feko + WinProp 2019 Student Edition package is working correctly and not reporting any license issue. Is there some debug option that I can enable into ProMan in order to determine what is the cause of the error? Thanks
  3. Hi mvogel, Thank you for your answer. I checked that the number of transmitting antennas is below 12, as for the limitations in an urban scenario, and I tried to change the number of antennas, but the computation issue remains the same. For the licensing problem, the behaviour I was trying to describe is the opposite: the application runs correctly the simulations at system start but, after a while, it returns the license error when trying to run any other simulation for the remaining time during which the system is on. Moreover, my license is a node-locked local license and I do not use any license server. The licensing problem is the most limiting one (since I cannot run simulations for more than 10 minutes from system start). Can you suggest me any procedure to solve this issue? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am using WinProp ProMan in the Feko + WinProp 2019.2 Student Edition package with node-locked local license and I get the following two errors: 1. If the application is run immediately at system start, it correctly computes simulations but, after 5-10 minutes, it reports the following error when simulations are run: 2. The computation of some sites appears as completed in the computation log window but it is not carried out, and the number of skipped sites varies according to the "Nr of concurrent computations" specified in the computation global settings: I am running WinProp ProMan on Windows 10 Pro. Has anyone else encountered and solved the same errors or can help me? Thank you.
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