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  1. You should activate advanced mode while importing the model into hyperview. Also you can use hypermesh with aerospace (optistruct) profile. Then in the aerospace model, result tab>FBD Forces.
  2. Hi all İ cannot create bar from the intersection nodes. İ created list from nodes however linemesh_preparenodeslist1 1 does not accept the list *createmark components 1 "pshell1" "pshell2" *createmark undefined 2 *findbetween nodes components 1 0 0 2 *createlist nodes 1 [hm_formnodelistfrommark nodes 2] *linemesh_preparenodeslist1 1 60 Best Regards
  3. if the toogle edge wont solve your problem try trimming surfaces
  4. Sorry all i found my mistake.I had to use {*} sign before marking list. {*}$nodelist
  5. Thank you Nguyun You are right, I always renumber with big numbers than use script In my code however hm_measureshortestdistance not working properly.
  6. In aerospace module there is a matrix browser . You can query many thing like material, property etc.. Then you can easily export excel file.
  7. Hi all I would like number selected nodes by distance according to a node or coordinate system. I thought creating a list from createmarkpanel. Then by using hm_measureshortestdistance, i tried to get the closest node and renumber it. After numbering i removed the node from list . In for loop i supposed it will be ok. However i missing something. I am looking for your help Regards *createlistpanel nodes 1 set nodelist [hm_getlist nodes 1] set nodelist_num [llength $nodelist] puts $nodelist_num for {set i 1} {$i<=$nodelist_num} {incr i} { *createmark nodes 1 $nodelist set closenode [hm_measureshortestdistance2 120 120 550 nodes 1 0 0] set cnode [lindex $closenode 4] *createmark nodes 1 $cnode *renumbersolverid nodes 1 [expr $i+52300000] 1 0 0 0 0 0 regsub $cnode $nodelist "" nodelist set nodelist_num [llength $nodelist] puts $nodelist_num *clearmark nodes 1 }
  8. Hi all I would like to ask how get an area of selected elements.I wrote an tcl to select the area as an example shown in figure below. I want to get the x and y values. Is it possible to get the values?
  9. If you know how can i run the hypermesh in background?
  10. Hi all There are a lots of bdf file from different team mates. I would like to use hypermesh to check all bdf file for duplicate elements or free nodes etc.. Is it possible to select multiple bdf files once and run these check rules? Best Regards
  11. hi all I have cylindrical geometry. Outside of the geometry will be meshed with bar elements. I want to define the bar elements orientation with cylindrical coordinate system? I did not find an option like this?Is it possible to define bar orientation with cylindrical coordinate system? Regards
  12. Hi all I have just discovered aerospace certification stress tool. It uses python scripts to do analytical methods . However i can not get the correct ms vaules. can someone help me to find a way to implement my own method to this tool? regards
  13. Hi all I created a table with Fx,Fy,Fz values with many load cases. I would like to get the max value for each column. How can i get the max value of a table's column with TCL? Best Regards Seçkin
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